KIA will likely take over flying vehicles

KIA will likely take over flying vehicles


The team of Hyundai Motor Group have joined Jaiwon Shin, who took the position of Executive Vice President and head of division “air of Urban mobility (Urban Mobility Air)”, designed to offer a solution to the problem of traffic jams caused by intense urbanization.

Increasing urbanization and the concomitant increase in Park of cars in big cities lead to the formation of traffic jams, while in the long term, these problems will probably only increase. That is why Hyundai Motor Group, which includes Kia Motors Corporation, has established a unit “air Urban mobility (Urban Mobility Air)”, designed in perspective to give an answer to the transport challenges of our time.

The Chairman of this Department is assigned to Dr. Jaiwon Bus, formerly the Chairman of the office for research in the field of Aeronautics, NASA and a co-chair of the Subcommittee on Aeronautics and technology National Council for science and technology.

His impressive experience in the field of design of aircraft structures, powerplant, aviation security and technology air traffic control will allow Korean group to create technologies and innovative solutions for safe and comfortable air travel.

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