Kia XCeed is getting on three wheels in the moose test

Kia XCeed is getting on three wheels in the moose test


The moose test is a good example of how small changes in the suspension or wheel size can affect the car’s behavior, and shows that Kia XCeed.

XCeed is a cross — version of the hatchback with slight modifications. When conducting the test exaggerated the suspension can play a negative role, but it is clear that XCeed copes with it perfectly, going through the cut at a speed of 76 km/h, only 1km/h slower than the hatchback Ceed. However, you should pay attention to how behave in the car.


Electronic stability control in higher model is configured differently, because at the end of the test the brakes are so much involved in stabilization, which stopped almost completely, demonstrating in some cases sharply rising rear window.

On the other hand, station wagons also passed the test Proceed at the speed of 76 km/h, but its handling felt more sporty, but feed constantly swaying. Despite the fact that it was a more sporty model, equipped with an engine capacity of 140 HP, the Proceed was 225/45 R17 wheel, while XCeed with capacity of 120 HP came with wider tires on larger 18-inch wheels. Maybe that’s why the results were so similar.

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