Kiev customs officials detained “chops” from the United States

Kiev customs officials detained “chops” from the United States


Customs officers thought that the documents on the car something is wrong. As a result, 8 of the machines was delayed.

On the border with Belarus Kyiv customs seized 8 cars “for fake documents.” In the Zhytomyr region Kiev a customs seized two “Lexus CT”, two for “Volkswagen Jetta”, “Audi Q7”, “Volvo XC70”, “Ford Fiesta” and “KIA Sorento”, which were imported to Ukraine through Belarus suspicious documents.

According to documents submitted all the machines used, bought in USA and sent to the addresses of the six citizens of Ukraine. The truck, loaded with eight cars, arrived at the checkpoint “vystupovychi” of Belarus. The driver of the truck, as the representative of the recipients of these vehicles, filled the passenger customs Declaration for each of them, along with a package of the documents provided for customs clearance. However, all the returns system worked out risk analysis on the possible undervaluing cars.


This assumption is confirmed by the response of the Belarusian colleagues. According to the Gomel customs, when crossing the customs border of Belarus was provided for most other documents. Thus, when comparing documents, the customs officers have established divisions at the declared value of the car, and the buyer, the seller, the document numbers and their appearance.

Thus, by providing customs documents containing false information, in each case the Protocol under article 483 of the Customs code of Ukraine which sanction provides for the confiscation of subjects of an offense and a penalty of 100% of their value. Cars seized. Administrative cases, customs will send to court.

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