Kiev has prepared a new transport strategy

Kiev has prepared a new transport strategy

The Kyiv city administration has completed work on the transport strategy of the capital. A comprehensive document was submitted for consideration city Parliament and promulgated for discussion. According to the plans of the municipal authorities, in the next 4.5 years in the development of transport from the budget of Kyiv will spend nearly 83.5 billion UAH. It is reported

In the introduction to the strategy officials repeatedly given to understand that the current transport paradigm capital, focused on the needs of motorists, is hopelessly outdated. And if advanced European countries began to abandon it even in the 80s, the Ukrainian capital are still living in the past, indulging requires constant expansion of roads vehicles.


According to the Ministry, over the past 3 years the number of officially registered cars in Kiev has increased by 15% (not counting EuroBLECH). And by 2025 will increase compared to 2016, to 60%. Meet all of their city not. So, conclude the authors of the document, the car should be ruthlessly expelled from the metropolis.

To achieve this offer in two ways:

  • Limitation of Parking spaces. Along with the constant struggle against violators of Parking regulations will make the urban environment hostile to cars.
  • Empower and comfort of public transport.

Priority will generally be given even not the last. And to pedestrians and cyclists. Which, by the way, consider the possibility of “peroxodisulfate” (this term is used in the document) of individual streets and squares.

Money for buses and trolleybuses

To achieve these objectives will focus on the creation of new trolleybus and tram lines. For example, in the strategy laid the construction of the famous tram line from the railway Station to the metro station “Sports Palace”. And also for the launch tramtrain (transport, use the tram and railway infrastructure) with Troyeshchyna to karavaevy Duch. The implementation of this project will spend about 450 million UAH.

Also, going to the Kiev authorities to begin the purchase of buses. The program for these purposes it is allocated 250 million UAH. Of course, going to spend the money on new trolleybuses (6.3 billion UAH.) trams (3.5 billion.) and buses (2,3 billion UAH.). And troyeschina will also usher in a new tram and trolleybus depot.

Special attention will be paid to developing metro. And as through the construction of new stations and by resolving the hackneyed problems.

Get motorists

Meanwhile, of course, pay attention to the Kiev authorities and roads. To the needs of Kyivavtodor in the strategy laid considerable 21.3 billion UAH. Most of which will go to the reconstruction, not the patching. For example, plans to put in order Gorkogo, resulting in bandwidth there will grow 1.5 times to 2.08 thousand cars per hour.

  • Rekonstruiruet overpass at the intersection of Povitroflotskyi Avenue and Avenue of the Victory, including built underground pedestrian crossings.
  • Will result in the order of St. Cyril (ex Frunze). As well as the interchange at Svyatoshino – there will be an additional exit on the Avenue of Victory.
  • Near railway station “Darnitsa” there will be two road and tram tunnels.
  • Rekonstruiruet Borispolskaya str and build a roundabout at the intersection of the Borispol highway.
  • Multi-level interchange “threatened” and residents Kurenevka – there are going to make threads with vyshgorodskaya St., and the Truth. But this, of course, not all the plans of the municipality. For example, the strategy noted the plans for the overhaul of two more overpasses on Prospekt Pobedy – station and on Povitroflotskyi Avenue.

But there is bad news. Starting in 2020, the city authorities intend to begin the purchase of hydraulic bollards to deal with the violators of Parking rules. Total will acquire 70 million. This, however, is not about the devices on the wheels of the car, and about the so-called bollards – leaving the earth the pillars of the constraints.

Another 60 million UAH. in KCSA are going to spend on the purchase of new machines.

And in 2022, on the outskirts of the city must be famous for their “unachievable” intercepting parkings. For these needs the strategy allocated 10 million UAH. However, without any detail where it should to build them.

Cyclists in fashion

But the pull with the construction of Bicycle lanes, the authorities do not intend to. Most of inscribed in the strategy of the routes are going to be put into operation until 2021. All these will be 7. They will connect the center with the city’s Obolon, Kurenivka, Husbandman, Forest.

Rekonstruiruet pedestrian bridge. There will be a bike path connecting the town centre with the Troyeshchyna residential area and next to erect a Parking lot.

And how do you this strategy? Ready to take the bike or public transport? Share your opinion in the comments!