Kiev is the cheapest city for car owners

Kiev is the cheapest city for car owners


Kiev is the cheapest European capital for the owners of both fuel cars and electric vehicles. The research results were published by the British leasing company Vehicle Contracts.

The ranking of cities in terms of the cost of car maintenance is built on the basis of such input data as the cost of fuel and charging of electric vehicles, the cost of parking, the cost of maintenance and repair of cars, insurance costs. The study covered a list of 43 cities, which was reduced to 10 “most affordable” and the same number of “most expensive”.

According to British researchers, a liter of fuel in Kiev costs an average of 0.87 pounds (31.9 UAH), 60 kWh of electricity for battery-powered cars costs about 2.10 pounds (77 UAH), the average cost of parking is from 1 to 3 hours costs 4.11 pounds (150 hryvnyas), for maintenance of the car, the Kievites give on average 13.86 pounds (509 hryvnyas), and for insurance for a year – 151 pounds (5.5 thousand hryvnias). Thus, in terms of the sum of the indicators, the capital of Ukraine is more profitable for motorists than Skopje, Chisinau, Minsk, Sarajevo and other cities.

Copenhagen is named the most expensive city in Europe for motorists. The Danish capital is followed by London, Bern, Brussels and Dublin.

The most expensive cities for car maintenance

The UK loves different ratings and comparisons. For example, the Scrap Car Comparison portal previously compiled a list of ten countries in which it is unprofitable to have a private car, taking into account maintenance costs and average incomes of citizens. Ukraine took the sixth place in it.

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