Kizis retreats: Renault resumes its businesses in France

Kizis retreats: Renault resumes its businesses in France


The French Renault Corporation resumes the activities of private entities in France after they were closed because of the country introduced measures aimed at combating the spread of coronavirus infection. Such information shared by the AFP news Agency, based on the management of the Corporation.

As the portal notes, the resumption of the work will be slow, given the application of sanitary norms. According to the Corporation, “in the current period is resumed on the three French companies” in the Klion, at Le Mans and in Choisy-Le-ROI. Work on the remaining plants is planned to be restored at the beginning of next month.


As noted in the Corporation, in accordance with the sanitary measures at the entrance the employees will measure the temperature, and they have to wear protective equipment. In addition, jobs to be disinfected.

On March 17 in France on a regime of isolation, the aim of which is to limit the movement of citizens on the streets. According to him, had to be closed shops that do not sell commodities.

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