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get introduce yourself what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie here in London we’re about to have the ultimate Knight Rider experience right over there is kids tell Michael we’ll be ready and tell him butcher and you took it we’re gonna be meeting up with its owner Lionel and he’s gonna show us around the car let’s go oh my god this is so exciting and you’ve literally as we’ve been standing over there just been chatting away to your Park [Laughter] introduce yourself can you really go 300 miles an hour so there are a few things you can do with this obviously I think the first thing we need to start with actuaries at the front of the car we’ve just turned the scanner on you want to go around the front yeah so what do you say he just said is there a young lady in the vicinity and I said yes of course because that’s not funny so when you got the car this was pretty much the way it was right well yeah it was pretty much the way it was we’ve tweaked a few bits and pieces electronics made it a bit more of a showpiece yeah bit of a showstopper so and when you were on supercar runs and you’ve got a bugatti chiron next to you chromed out you actually get the crowns and not the Shiro yeah it’s funny actually a good friend of mines got a we had a p1 and we went for lunch and he’d never seen the car before so we took it down to Bond Street and he was like well you’ve got pretty much 95% of the attention hundreds the price so we’re going to put that to the test but before we do that let’s because we’re in a quiet place now because literally if we take this somewhere we won’t be able to talk about because you know everyone’s gonna be crowded around the car so people get so enthusiastic about it it was like so who does it have that does it have that why did you do this it’s like questions galore it’s an onslaught isn’t it it’s amazing so the cool thing is that Lionel has gone to the next level and actually has an app on his watch that talks to the car okay look at this so there’s a little kit kit up here you see the little car you don’t press that oh no we’re on I’ve got massive fingers clearly this one here okay all right we’re gonna talk to kit kit tell us who you are tell us who you are so what kind of like restrictions do you have for it to be road-legal when you’ve got all of this going on here because in the movie obviously this counts up to you know something like 200 300 miles per hour which obviously is not the case yeah I wish you’re driving it this actually has to be connected yeah so that that works it’s got its everything that’s road-legal to make it a yeah I’m sure your neighbors love you that’s another cool thing yeah so if there’s someone that’s a bit annoying yep yep that’s in the front of the road on the lower control panel switch in the mirror of so many control panels this one that’s the one yeah the toggle switch if you flick it if you flick the toggle switch down oh this one yeah so you can get away with that with the the police start on the line I never use that no of course so what else I mean obviously you’ve got rocket launchers launcher rocket fire look Express that so I’ve got a really annoying passenger lasers there’s a car or spaceship let’s power up the turbine so basically when the car turns on the turbine should pair up in effect yeah just far far out where’s the turbine button cars powering up turbine watch what happens on I mean it’s fine very enthusiastic loves introducing in some they likes shoots and rockets yeah ready that’s getting ready for episode after episode that’s just binge watch night right up here you go send me a postcard call me did you see that they said like you’re cheeky thing wait wait wait you have an actual can you actually give its way Kitt’s Thomas J keys so what is this because a lot of us know it as obviously kid from Knight Rider but we don’t really know what car it is yes so usually it’s a Pontiac Firebird and although movie cars will Ponte fibers and they had the bumpers fitted out yeah like that and you actually took this on Gumble yes so we did in 2016 so a couple of years ago we had it for the London parade so it’s popped in Regent Street and attracted quiet early so I mean you’ve done some miles in this car then yeah it’s not just a static show display car it drives on my wedding day my dad drove it actually so that was quite cool and yeah we did gonna be doing gamble again this year max has asked for the car so the hot is actually gonna be driving this car so yeah that was the the main point of getting the cars gotta go off next to it so hopefully that happened this year so what I just how do you even I mean how do you even set something like that up because there are quite a few replicas yeah cars that look exactly like it but you’ve managed to get off to actually drive your car that’s amazing yeah it’s just like I said in life it’s who you know just good friends concerts or I think what have a lot of fun all right there you go guys so if you are looking to buy yourself a kids can you give us like a roundabout figure that you can find these cars in now today like 200k anything for a price that’s it yes exactly you love kids thank you yeah absolutely love my rider I totally grew up with it I was also not born 82 but closer to that sort of thing and I just remember you know my grandparents when they would babysit me and I was probably like seven seven years old something like that would probably watch my first episode yeah we fall in love with it yeah he could just go like KITT I can’t get into the door you know this window and the cart which is like you know electromagnetic pulse or whatever just unlock things right and then the doors would open and voila I know yeah yeah anything so what kind of engine does this have enough so this is a five liter v8 okay yeah is it and like have you restored it at all yeah well I mean I’ve had it fully serviced but it’s all original it’s not original yeah all right cool all right should we go for a drive we’ll start it off yeah tell you the engine I just love the wheel look at it never driven in a car with a wheel like this you’re like I’m in a spaceship it is written camera here hello have to police ever stopped you before no no never the police cars have driven past and they’ve slowed down to take their camera phones but and just give me the thumbs off and then they let you on your way even a stormtrooper come say hello you ever seen anything like it those crowds it’s incredible as you were saying me like everyone space as soon as they see this car I absolutely no question about my evil well I big big thanks to Lionel thank you so so much for letting me drive very welcome my jeans are fantastic I haven’t been able to stop smiling the entire time been driving around London this is really a once-in-a-lifetime experience I hope you guys have enjoyed watching and now you know a little bit more about kit and hopefully a little bit more about the show as well and we’ll see you on the next vlog please like and subscribe love you ah he thinks he won’t miss me probably why though bye

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