Kodiaq RS, farewell! The Czechs turned to the production of “charged” crossover

Kodiaq RS, farewell! The Czechs turned to the production of “charged” crossover


“Charged” Skoda RS Kodiaq the audience met in the autumn of 2018. Crossover in Europe immediately found buyers. Only in the Czech Republic in favor of the RS version made a choice 17% wanting to buy Kodiaq. Now it became known that the manufacturer is going to abandon Kodiaq RS. It’s all in the engine. This is a complex and expensive two-liter BiTDI Barbadian capacity of 240 horsepower. Technically it meets the current ehkonorm, but still spoils the average emissions in the Skoda and Volkswagen group as a whole.

In addition to “Kodiak”, a power plant can be seen on Volkswagen models Passat, Tiguan and Arteon. They, too, will soon be without bicarbonates.


Before you send a powerful Kodiaq RS to resign, the brand has created the “farewell” special model. Unlike conventional crossover Kodiaq RS Challenge gets richer set of doopsy: 3-zone automatic climate control, front seats with electric drive, camera circular review, etc. to Purchase version Challenge in the Czech Republic. Its price starts from 1.4 million CZK or 50 EUR 900. Just released 300 such crossovers. Hot Kodiaq may reappear in 2021-om, but with a different power unit – gasoline engine or hybrid.

Also I advise you to see a brief overview of the Skoda RS Kodiaq in Paris from the team InfoCar.ua:

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