Koenigsegg Gemera equipped with hammers to break the glass

Koenigsegg Gemera equipped with hammers to break the glass


The Koenigsegg will Gemera, which became the first four-seater car of the Swedish company, was not only exotic powerplant on the basis of the three-cylinder engine without camshafts, but unusual for machines of such class vehicle. For example, in the salon of the Grand Tourer there are emergency hammers to break the glass.

They are located on both sides of the rear row of seats and is designed for evacuation in case of an accident. There is a possibility that the strong impact of the door with a proprietary bi-directional synchro-helix hinge stuck and have no choice but to get out through the broken window, will not. In addition to hammers, in the cabin “Gemery” is levitrasoma under the windshield camera circular review, similar to base “Starkiller” from “Star wars: the force Awakening”.

However, the most in the Gemera striking technique. Manual Koenigsegg calls his creation not only as Mega-GT, that is a comfortable car for long journeys, the power of which exceeds megawatts (1360 HP). In movement will lead to “turbotron” 2.0 and three electric motors which together give 1723 HP and 3500 Nm of torque.


And DVS on the “Jemere” not simple, but with technology FreeValve. This engine has no camshafts: intake and exhaust valves is controlled pneumohydraulics actuators. Unit 15-20 percent more economical than the modern “turbochetverkami”; he knows in a random order to deactivate the cylinders to operate in one of four thermodynamic cycles. In addition, the “turbozone” omnivorous and can consume bioethanol of the second generation, almost CO2-neutral methanol, a mixture of E85 and regular gasoline.

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