Koenigsegg Gemera – This Hypercar Runs Off Volcano Energy!

Koenigsegg Gemera – This Hypercar Runs Off Volcano Energy!


This is the world’s first four seater hypercar! It’s called the Koenigsegg Gemera. It has 1700hp and goes from 0-100km/hr in 1.9 seconds!! 3 electric motors provide 1100 hp and the 2 liter twin turbo charged 3 cylinder engine provides the other 600hp. It can run in all electric mode up to 300km/hr! The engine is also designed to run from completely renewable energy sources. Massive thank you to Koenigsegg and Christian for showing us this latest masterpiece.Follow me on:

from a volcano you guys you’ve got a hypercar that runs off a volcano okay I’m gonna put it that way pretty much take a look at this what they’re doing does every store however you this is the new Koenigsegg Jumeirah and take a look Dory’s it gives you access to the front seats and also the rear seats so it’s not like you need to push the front seat down in order to get it it just opens up this is such an incredible car you guys okay this is the world’s first four seater hyper car and not only does it have four seeds it’s one of the most powerful hyper cars ever made how powerful 1,700 horsepower 1,700 you guys like I can’t even fathom that much horsepower this is pretty welcome to the super couple on each hand all you guys if you haven’t subscribed yet go click that button right now make sure to turn on the notifications as well so you were the first to see these incredible cars massive thank you to Koenigsegg for having us here today alright let me take you around this car in a little bit more detail here’s the key ok take a look at this baby that’s what the owner gets ahold of you’re going to open everything from the key even the trunk and the front the front of the car the front and the trunk so here’s the problem in the front you can actually fit one full-size carry-on bag it’s actually a douche bag they have curved with John Olsen’s brand douche bags that’s kind of cool so you can get how much space series take a look at this three full-sized carry-on bags look how deep that is look how deep that spaces is to go all the way down there is no hyper car in the world with that much space a four-seater with room for four full-size carry-on suitcases I’ve never seen this before in my life this is actually feels almost not real how do they get that much space in a hyper car let’s talk about what it’s powered by you can actually see the engine here yeah you might think oh look three cylinders where’s the rest of it it is actually a 2 litre twin-turbocharged cylinder engine and then you’ve also got three electric motors there is a whole bunch of stuff happening with this car so you’ve got two electric motors here so one powering the wheel here one carrying this wheel here and then you’ve got another electric motor just here you can’t see it it’s around this fish’s position here and so you’ve got electric motors you’ve got turbos and you’ve got a three cylinder engine that actually sounds incredible look at this the exhaust is actually coming out here on the top that’s really cool and you’ve got like this Akrapovic we’re gonna talk to christian about why they didn’t just make it a fully electric car seventeen hundred watts power the most powerful hyper cars coming out now on the market are fully electric so I’m gonna ask him why he did that and actually he’s got a really really good explanation for why that is partly because he still wanted to have an amazing sound you know we all love that beastly set that was the car turning on outside what I love about what Christian does is there’s always some innovation he doesn’t just work like a v8 in ER and go boom there you go there’s a Koenigsegg no there is so much happening here that just never happened all together in a car before right let’s check it out on the interior come around here look at how much room you’ve got this is crazy right so four seats you may think I’ll know this is gonna be a squeeze it’s not oh my god okay I have to lie down flat like this to reach my feet all the way to the end of the cabin yup so you could actually fit more luggage down there and never even know about it you wouldn’t even touch it with your feet and just look how modern and massive this entertainment screen is here in the front just going to move the seat forward so here it’s on seat settings here we go this one see look you’ve still got a lot of space here for the front passenger and now look at this that’s unbelievable you can fit four full-size adults in this car look at what you’ve got in the back here as well this massive entertainment screen as well in the back you’ve got eight cupholders why because each passenger here gets a cup holder for warm drinks and cold drinks so it’s got memory foam seats so it molds to your body and it’s actually really comfy like I want to say that no it’s squishy and like a four-seater hypercar doesn’t work but it does it’s really incredible what they’ve done here and look in the back you’ve even got little arm rests these are their little emergency hammers so you can take them out and you can smash your way through the glass if you need to get out you’ve also got wireless charging for your phone you just put it here this car comes with Internet right so when you buy it it comes with a SIM and you get unlimited internet in the car so you can just surf around on this infotainment screen in the front and also in the back in countries where this is allowed this would stay as is but if it’s not yet allowed in the country where you live we’ll just provide you with like a little a touchable sideview mirror so that we’ll just easily attach on there so then when your country legalizes something like this you can just easily reattach this side view camera instead of having the mirror this window is separated yeah that is because only this portion of the window comes down and that is because if you have this whole portion of the window coming down into the door here you wouldn’t have as much room for this massive air intake come join me Wow imagine just imagine this is the side view mirror that we were just pointing to look this nice big screen and do you know what I really like about this is we’re so used to looking this way to check what is happening in our side view mirror they’ve placed it exactly in that position so you don’t have to relearn where to look you know a lot of other cars where they’re doing this they place these screens up here or Fiat so you have to relearn to look over the upper over here you can just look and it comes naturally so imagine this 1,700 horsepower in your hands guys zero to 100 in 1.9 seconds the Hut is madness the range get this a thousand kilometers that’s like a range that we’ve not even heard about yet now the cool thing is that you can drive up to 300 kilometers an hour in fully electric mode you would never even use that like in what world you drive 300 kilometers an hour so you can literally just be driving this around in full electric mode up to 50 kilometers right that’s the range in full electric mode and then after that the engine kicks in and the full range then is extended to a thousand kilometers there’s a little start/stop button up here they’re actually going to play with the size of that that might become bigger in the final version of this car just to make it a little bit more pronounced and then you’ve got this cool screen here that actually moves see that display as you move the steering wheel it moves with your view so you always got the speed the right way up they want this really drivable so you can actually raise the car and lower it so you can make sure that you can get over speed bumps without scraping the front the tricky well there you go oh hey look at that goes a levitating camera hey guys this is Kristian Kristian von Koenigsegg he is the founder and CEO of Koenigsegg actually I want to see in the back of the car with you because for the first time ever we can see in the back of the Koenigsegg absolutely shall we let’s let’s do it look at these guys so we’re talking about a four-seater hypercar and look how comfortable it’s not bad at all I mean you’re quite a tall guy I’m one meter 84 centimeters and you’re quite comfy right I mean your legs not even touching the front seat that just baseball have support under my legs I have two cup holders one hot one cold this is important and I was talking about the armrest here as well like little details like that just make you a lot more comfortable in the middle birds are reading lives ISOFIX for your child seats imagine as a child growing up and being driven around in a curtain exactly what that’s madness why a four seed up so I had this dream from around 2003 we had our first son my wife and I would in 2001 right then of course we we probably have more kids we thought in 2006 we have our second son right and most people at that point have to sell their hypercar and buy the minivan [Laughter] you’re thinking how can I create something that has everything of the cars will make it today but make it enjoyable for four persons and without diluting it it needs to look like it needs to be a mid-engine sports car I personally just are in love with the mid-engine idea yeah and and from the outside there should be no giveaway there should be no compromise it should just be that oh there is a two-seater hyper car coming all right but when you open the doors for grownups walk out of the car for some reason no one had ever done it major reasons why you didn’t make it a fully electric car ah you still wanted the sound which is massive still today right we do we’re going to miss it in future we have to be honest right so you get the sound and you also get the weight-saving because you don’t have as many batteries on it sir I mean in the future the batteries most likely become the cells becomes larger smaller more efficient write it ourselves today if you want to range just bulky and heavy and then if you if you get the power with the range you stood in a heavy right so there is a bit of a compromise going on there since this is a first when you think of hyper cars that are coming out onto the market over the next few years that have this kind of power you know 1700 2,000 horsepower most actually all of them are fully electric right so this is the only one that incorporates both electric motors and to a engine but this is a three cylinder engine yeah so that’s like rule what’s that it’s gonna sound horrible yeah but it’s actually three very big cylinders right so they’re actually bigger than in our v8 super explosion or whatever you should say it’s a deep guttural sound right most the three centers are like 1 litres and then of course we have huge valves we have splayed now second a Formula one engine is dry some we have an Akrapovic titanium exosystem so it is the most exciting sounding threesome you can imagine what I think is also really real is that this engine can run on completely renewable fuel sources that’s it so it’s designed to run a hundred percent alcohols like methanol or ethanol it’s not so easy to come by on this video so that’s the thing like when you pull up to a station I mean sometimes you can get the e85 right that’s kind of common and that’s pretty good already so you can put 85 interfaces or even if what normal petrol term if you have to okay but ideally you would get ahold of what this is called the second generation ethanol so it was a very cool one from example former Iceland the guilt volcano they extracted from the co2 neutral well you can run on Vulcan home from a volcano you guys you’ve got a hyper car that runs off a volcano okay short term you could buy some barrels from them and have a cold but they’re also this kind of photo somewhere fuels coming out now where they have Jena manipulated Alcides and they’re kind of running through solar panels yeah with water yeah and out comes methanol and ethanol and you could do that at home if you’re allowed you could have your home brewing fuel station and be completely co2 neutral that is not it’s like an electric car I mean you could you can find the new tricity and from a cold coal plant you know that would be so good right right happens so unfortunately yeah it is not super accessible yet but are we kind of showing the way what is possible so in the future when we do get access to all of these completely renewable fuel sources and the electricity comes from completely renewable sources then you have a completely carbon neutral car you you and Greta are besties are you I think she’s absolutely wonderful amazing amazing I do think people is that the course of any kind is probably something really bad yeah beyond what anyone should do but but at least we’re trying to mark respect but you are proving that we don’t have to get rid of cars in future we can just adapt to what the new world needs and get our energy from different renewable sources we don’t have to say goodbye to cars that are hugely powerful right I mean absolutely not in many countries and so on really have like in China where you have everyone that’s routines here because you’ve burned up the portables and in the colored converter some is combustible so you have less particles coming out from the exo star coming in it’s just kind of an air cleaner you’ve just sold all the cars I think that is madness I mean when you put it like that you are buying a hyper car that actually cleans the air it sounds a bit worse this is crazy if you’re living about yourself yeah animal didn’t know but otherwise yes how much cash do I need to hand over to get one of these babies so I think the easiest number it’s kind of starts at 1.7 million dollars okay for a four-seater it’s unheard of yeah expensive yeah but if you think of it like them one of the world’s most extreme mega cars and you get two more extra seats which is actually the case here rather than anything else right that is not so bad yeah that’s awesome family treatment occur today who would have thought close the door okay well okay that do you guys I hope you enjoyed the video give us a quick thumbs up subscribe to the supercar bloody family if you haven’t yet massive thank you to Koenigsegg and a Christian that for joining us today in congratulations for this incredible car this is the new Koenigsegg Jumeirah alright guys I love you guys I think we’re out see ya

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