Koenigsegg is preparing the next hypercar

Koenigsegg is preparing the next hypercar


Whether it’s faster already submitted Jesko Absolut? Unlikely: most likely the Swedes will bet on another.

Back in the spring, the company said Jesko Absolut will be the fastest Koenigsegg in history: all the necessary potential to do this hypercar feature. However, while the firm has not confirmed this statement in practice, but it is expected that the coupe will be able to overcome the threshold of 500 km/h.

And it is possible that traces of this project in Koenigsegg will build another heavy-duty and ultra-fast sports car. The newspaper’s sources, The Supercar Blog claim that within the company given the “green light” the project of a new model, designed exclusively for racing tracks.


Now the project is allegedly known by several code names, including the abbreviation LM – which is apparently supposed to symbolize the Le Mans and can in this capacity be seen as a clear allusion to the future achievements of the proposed new items. However, according to sources tracking the hypercar will still be serial: Koenigsegg can gather for private buyers from seven to eleven instances of the model.

The title of fastest Koenigsegg will remain for Jesko, as the novelty will be taught primarily handling on the track, not speed records. However, in some ways racing Koenigsegg will be able to outperform counterparts, as should be the most expensive model in the history of the Swedish company.

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