Koenigsegg Jesko – Faster Than A Bullet Train!

Koenigsegg Jesko – Faster Than A Bullet Train!


Christian von Koenigsegg continues to surprise us with his inventions. This is the new Jesko! This car is designed to break the 300mph/482km/h mark. It is also destined to break the Agera RS record. These speeds have already been successfully tested in a simulation. If all goes to plan it will become the fastest production car in the world!The car cost approx US $3 million.Follow me on:Music by Paul Fowler – Stormchaser

yeah so you can avoid the curbs here see what’s up guys to become blondie here the Koenigsegg sand at the Geneva International Motor Show and this is the car that everyone was expecting but there were a lot of surprises this is the Jesco not the ragnarok we’re about to talk to Christian the owner of Koenigsegg to find out everything about this car and I tell you you are going to be surprised super busy rolling everywhere so oh we’ve got the camera already on oh wow he’s on it okay Christian is here and everyone is here this is like the social stand of the of the whole show but more importantly we have the latest critics this is the Jesco and this is not the name that everyone was expecting right right the ragnarok everyone’s talking about the Ray Kroc but you’ve actually name is Park yeah and he didn’t know about it until will be unveiled it so we even sent him like a fake press release when he has to read oh wait we call it a domineer I asked did you really not know that I had no that’s amazing so it wasn’t just kept from the public it’s actually kept from his father why is there something about this car that you felt like you should name it after your father yeah so I mean there are a lot of special things about this car we have a completely new transmission yes signs be the homegrown multi clutch transmission I want to see more about that we have a beefed up engine with new cylinder heads to comply with new emission regulations coming out but also to give more power we have a new turbo system with an anti lag what doesn’t it have it does have rear wheel steering it has everything that’s robotized bodywork what power does it have what’s the power yeah so on your regular gas us 91 or European 95 it’s 1280 horsepower like many workhorse you can fill it up with ethanol e85 fuel which defined the u.s. many places and some place in Europe a lot of places and Suites on the gas station and then you get 1600 horsepower so we can boost harder and use more ignition time that is so interesting so when you see someone at the ethanol station you know exactly what’s going down they’re boosting their car it’s because we specifically this car the Jesco from 1300 was out of 1600 horsepower there are just so many different arm technical elements to these cars is just incredible you are known for completely reworking engines and transmissions and everything this is all your you’re doing well it’s our team as well actually this transmission it’s met many other things I come up with but but this transmission was one of our engineers we sat down so what kind of transmission wilderness for the car backwards forwards pros and cons weight size and then you don’t have an idea what about if we do this initiative that works worked someone would have already done it right I would check it no one is doing what you doing why hasn’t anyone done it you couldn’t understand it so we then we start to calculate the simulating it works so why shouldn’t we do it let’s do it you are always the one to come out with you know this new technology like with the rig era for example it has no gearbox exactly exactly you know who would have thought about that right so we saved the motor gears there for this car yeah so all the gears the head you say so this has nine what’s so interesting is that three years ago or how many you can jump from name to first verse tonight as long as the Newtonian system allows the suit on over every rendering or under rabbit right so it will control that automatic exactly so if you’re cruising on the highway in ninth gear low rpm and then you want to go for it you push the gear levers as full forward as much as you can and then it will just jump maybe 12 to the lowest gear is 10 we might be third here or something as fast as a DCT jumps to the next gear just goes from like 2002 exactly yes go on so you can jump from like 2008 eight and a half in the intercept split second excited this is pretty cool and it doesn’t it’s not powered by anything it’s just affected by the g-forces so it is just in itself determining what g-force it feels as an instrument and reflects exactly this is just a fun play with with the natural forces and so it’s like ball bearings inside their weights that are affected by the g-force and you get a readout here we are sitting in the car here this is very cool to use a song it stays flat does you turn the wheel very cool so as you turn the bill you can read my toe this is done so crazy and so here you’re gonna see the RPMs and who you’re gonna see the km/h and then you’ve got all of the rest like the fuel gauge etc on the outside here and here if you look at this this is what Christians talking about here on the gearstick it’ll focus yet so when you want to push it from ninth gear into say third you just push that all the way for exactly you have to kind of clicks backwards and forwards and then if you want to go up a gear then it’s back that way so that sort of gear and so if I want to push it if I want to go all the way down you just push it yeah okay and that’ll put it in the gear that it feels is right to get the most power out of the engine immediately right man you’re a genius thank you wow this is incredible okay and anything else body work like on the Riviera you can control this from the remote or the screen yeah all the doors they have a new door hinge so now the door also moves upwards to clear any kind of curbs you can park very close to curb which was a little bit of an issue before okay because it just came up like this right so now it goes up and up we didn’t add any components we just twisted and bended kind of once we had them we got a new movement you know that it’s you you’re constantly thinking of not only power but drivability it should be usable so you have a lot of storage space every glove box here cupholders here there so yeah it’s kind of practical you have a wireless charging for your phone in this club really there you go so you just slide your phone in there so there’s wireless charging for your phone just here in the glove box and it’s just it’s just got the best of all worlds power technical advance and drivability I mean in something like this you would never expect to cupholder it’s not even want to write your passenger gets one as well exactly have you ever taken a Koenigsegg through McDonald’s drive-through many times and that’s when you know this car works as an everyday driver as well as you know something on the track absolutely it’s it’s absolutely of course the main focus but we tried really not to sacrifice everyday use yeah and what about the roof I mean this comes um so yeah so in this version which is our most track focused or should we actually screw the roof in so okay takes a little bit longer to take it off but it makes the roof a part of the stiffness of the chassis and as this car has the maximum downforce package there is actually an air duct in the front luggage compartment so this doesn’t fit there right now okay but then we have a lower drag version where you have a snap-in roof yes a different ducting with slightly less downforce still a lot depends on you want to break the ultimate lap record yeah or is it okay if it’s half a second stuff for me yeah I mean look half a second and it means you can just push off the roof in the California sunshine or wherever you are and pop it in the boot in front of you and it just makes it super super drivable how many of these going to be made so we’re making hundred and twenty five okay before the show we had 83 down payments before that anyone had seen the car in reality we have now in one and a half day signed twenty seven more contracts so we’ll see yeah 24 to go there something like that oh man where’s the bank I need to go get some money out I’ll show you this feature as well with the my skin tourists are closing itself yes so this is what we call the show mode where everything and can you show us and open this how it goes up as well to remember your traditional hammock sex is quite tied to the ground about this now that I’d open this door yeah so you can avoid the curbs here see it’s got quite a lot more clearance here the chorus in track mode so if you have a good normal mode it would be leave a little bit higher so both the front and the back door so okay about 55 millimeters in talking oh that’s quite a lot it’s quite loud it’s a still lower yeah okay and so you said there’s going to be more than one version yeah so one high downforce version which is this one which has 880 kilos of that’ll force 250 km/h and which is the most extreme number I have heard all in the industry and then we have a version which has spot half amount of that round force still a good track bar but instead of this huge wing and shoot splitter it looks a little bit different than you have like standing rakes for high speed stability okay and that car may have simulated to do over 300 miles per hour and then you can store to store your roof in the front you can have electric seats if you want because a few more grams that’s a matter for top speed so is this going to beat the Agera RS this is the replacement of their RS for sure so this is going to beat everything the Agera R that’s the idea so 0 to 400 and back down yeah should be fast it should be even fast I think it’s what 33 seconds let me think now we were yeah second do you have a good memory yeah it was at nine point nine down from the 400 it was 23 up so yeah 33 so it’s going to be we give them 33 seconds yeah okay I want to be there to witness that that is insane well thank you so so much and congratulations it always is so so exciting to see what you come up with I don’t know where you guys get these ideas its prey during the coffee break yeah or maybe some champagne thank you very much thank you so much enjoy the show thank you very much sir there you go guys so that is the new Jesper and God I just keep falling in love with Koenigsegg over and over and over again because they think outside the box they keep pushing those boundaries no one has come up with a transmission like that there we have a new year at the Geneva International Motor Show please give this video a quick thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet because we have got so much coming this is the channel where you see the coolest supercars and hyper cars in the world for now a mouth love you

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