Koenigsegg presented a four-seater hypercar on 1724 power

Koenigsegg presented a four-seater hypercar on 1724 power


The company introduced the Koenigsegg hypercar with four seats, doors, scissors and a hybrid power plant with a three-cylinder engine.

The company Koenigsegg has introduced its new model hypercar called Gemera. Feature models were four seats in the cabin, large doors, scissors, as well as hybrid power plant with a capacity of 1700 horsepower.

In the company car called the “Super GT”. According to the head of Koenigsegg, Christian von Koenigsegg, he is a machine of an entirely new class with the characteristics of a hypercar and a spacious comfortable interior. The car can carry up to four passengers and their Luggage.

The equipment is part of Koenigsegg Gemera information and entertainment complex with 11 speakers, Apple CarPlay and multiple displays, three-zone climate control, Wi-Fi, wireless charging stations for smartphones front and rear, Cup holders and lighting system for reading.


Koenigsegg Gemera equipped with a brand new hybrid power plant, consisting of a compact two-liter three-cylinder petrol engine capacity of 600 HP, and three electric unit issuing the remaining 1100 horsepower. One of them is installed in the front wheels, while the other is on the crankshaft of the internal combustion engine. In sum, the combined plant has 1700 HP and 3500 nm.

The car is able to accelerate from standstill to first “hundred” for 1.9 s, and the speed limit of 400 km/h it reaches 20 seconds. Exclusively on electric-powered hypercar can travel up to 50 km and in hybrid mode the power reserve reaches 1000 kilometers.

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