Kona Hyundai electric car caught fire and “exploded” in the garage in the canadian

Kona Hyundai electric car caught fire and “exploded” in the garage in the canadian

In Canada, occurred the first fire of the electrical crossover Hyundai Kona. According to the owner of the car, she just stood in the garage and wasn’t even plugged in, when the explosion occurred.

A resident of Montreal Piero Cosentino has acquired Hyundai Kona in March 2018. July 26, 2019, he felt a burning smell and then noticed thick black smoke rising from the garage attached to the house. When the man ran outside, he saw that the garage door is broken by the explosion and was lying on the opposite side of the street, and part of the roof collapsed.

In extinguishing the fire which followed the explosion, was attended by 30 people. According to the chief of the local fire service Louise Desrosier, the electric car was in the midst of the fire. In fact the incident initiated the investigation, which will be installed the cause of the explosion.

Electrical modification of Hyundai Kona introduced in February last year. Then it was reported that the crossover with zero emissions based on two scenarios: a base with a battery of 39.2 per kilowatt-hour, 135-strong installation and a power reserve of 300 kilometers and a top (64 per kilowatt-hour, 204 power, the power reserve of 470 kilometers). For all the time since the start of sales of the model has not been a single case of fire.

But a similar situation occurred in April of this year with a parked Tesla Model S. the Camera on one of the car parks in China have caught left the driver of the electric car first began to smoke and then exploded. The fire damaged the car, standing in the immediate vicinity.

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