Korean competitor Toyota Land Cruiser went for tests

Korean competitor Toyota Land Cruiser went for tests


The Korean company is developing a competitor to the Japanese SUV Land Cruiser Prado, on the basis of which a pickup truck will also be created.

Photospies noticed at tests a new Korean SUV, which, as it became known in September, will become a competitive Land Cruiser Prado. Work on the new product is being conducted by the Australian division of KIA. According to available information, the novelty will be built on the basis of a ladder-type frame and, probably, we are talking about the KIA Mohave.

It should be noted that in Australia, the largest SUV is the new KIA Sorento. In addition, a Mohave-based pickup truck would also be highly sought after by local motorists. At the same time, judging by spy photos, the model’s clearance exceeds the indicators of a normal Mohave.

However, in order to launch a new model on the market, the company must solve a number of issues. For example, in Australia, there is no place to produce right-hand drive cars, and there is no possibility to open another production line at existing enterprises.

By the way, the noticed prototype also has a left handlebar, which means that the new SUV will be a global model.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado from the FineAuto team:

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