KTM builds a new sports car for the track

KTM builds a new sports car for the track


So these are the first images of the upcoming new KTM X-Bow GT2 road car, predictably called the KTM X-Bow GT2.

Of course, it’s named after the racing GT2 that debuted in motorsport last year. KTM has only released a hint of any nugget-based outreach material, the first of which is these images. This is a prototype that will pass all operational, crash and road tests in Europe this year.

The ‘extensive’ R&D will be done in collaboration with the motorsports team, so expect some nice, pointy stuff from the winged sports car. It will run on Audi’s turbocharged five-cylinder engine, made famous by something called the “RS3”, in an as yet unspecified configuration.

We know that the racing X-Bow GT2 puts out an incredibly healthy 600 hp. Will a road car offer the same performance? Time will tell. The engine will be connected to a “seven-speed transmission” and a limited-slip differential, and power will be sent only to the rear wheels.

KTM also promises light weight. The sporty GT2 weighs around 1,000kg, so it’s a good base. It will use a carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer for the body and a carbon monocoque as a base, complete with a reinforced canopy for both safety and weight reduction.

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