KTM pleased with the new products on display at EICMA

KTM pleased with the new products on display at EICMA


We was wondering when KTM will release “the Beast” – will update the 1290 Super Duke R. Expected happened, but, apart from this novelty, there were two more, which we, frankly, did not expect, but they are much more important in terms of sales than the 180-strong image naked.

But first, about the beast. 180 HP with a dry weight of 189 pounds. Not long ago both figures for liter sportbikes was unreachable, and then BAM – and naked these figures, and in the absence of windbreaks. I can imagine how this must tear from the steering wheel when trying to reach the red zone of the engine in sixth gear.


Motorcycle, course, beautiful, and the beauty of it – it’s not “mi-mi-mi” dwarf rabbits, and grace fangs large predator, strong and brave. This is done in order to scare off insecure motorcyclists, that they did not die accidentally. Yes, electronic systems, restraining anger 1301-CC engine is enough, but without experience on this bike to sit I would not recommend it. Former 1290 “Superduck” I went very cheerfully, have fun all through the region should overflow.

For those who want a quick, but not overly powerful bike, there is a “Duke” smaller – 890. For its creation took Duke 790, increased the engine size from 799 to 890 cm3, added full-time complete all the electronic gadgets that 790 was a option added to the suspension settings, brakes instead of the unknown with logo KTM Brembo set top Stylema. In the end, 166-pound bike (dry weight) moves forward 121-horsepower engine (from 790 power 105 HP). Great value, full of hope and pride for the Austrian brand. The correct way to go! While Duke 790 in production remains. Between them was such a difference in equipment and cost that both models have to sell well.

The little Adventure they desperately wanted to add to the lineup, but KTM somehow it took me this step to the last. Oh, and BMW G310GS vengeance for sale, and Kawasaki Versys 300, and in this segment podrostkovyh motorcycles for travel is already a crowd in the subway on the purple branch. But, fortunately, it has happened, and Adventure 390, built on the basis of the Duke 390, went to series.

Duke was 139 pounds, 44 HP and suspension travel 142/150mm, have the Adventure, consequently, 158кг., 44 HP, 170/177mm. Normal figures for a ride on roads of poor quality and leap in the city’s borders. On real roads to walk is not necessary – there and the wheels are alloy, and weight is not such to swamp to cross, and ground clearance is only 200mm. It is strange that tyre sizes were chosen not as it is now 110/80-19 + 150/70-17 and narrower and easier – 100/90-19 and 130/80-17. Size is also not unique, but the choices in it still, less.


I am absolutely sure that little “adventure” will soar in the charts at tops and will be sold in flight, and in Asia, and in Europe, and we too. He’s more versatile “Duke” looks larger and more solid, similar to adult motorcycle and ride should be too good. And yet he has the tank to 23 litres and ridiculous fuel consumption. For distant travel it is prepared well.

Who would prefer of the three?

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