Kupeobrazny cross Aiways U6: the second model of Chinese brands assembled in Europe

Kupeobrazny cross Aiways U6: the second model of Chinese brands assembled in Europe


Electric SUV with a low roof built on the same platform as the firstborn of a young company from China. The characteristics of a “coupe” not officially announced, but the technique is likely to have moved from a relative.

Premiere of the cross coupé Aiways had to go to the Geneva motor show, but due to the cancellation of the exhibition the press conference had to organize in Stuttgart and from there to keep the online broadcast. Recall Aiways is a project of former top managers of Volvo and SAIC Volkswagen, the company was founded in 2017. The first was electricross U5, into the Chinese market it was released in 2019 And the second model is presented in the form of a prototype, the full name – U6ion. However, the serial “coupe” should not be significantly different from its forerunner.

As Aiways U5, crossover U6ion built on a modular platform MAS (More Adaptable Structure). At the stage of announcement of the “coupe” the company said that its design had a hand in Ken Okuyama, Creator of the Ferrari Enzo. But if you do not pay attention to the silhouette body kit and tail, the profile U6ion repeats related cross. But the headlights and taillights of the novelty – the original. The dimensions of the cross-coupe is not yet revealed. Length Aiways U5 is equal to 4680 mm, width – 1865 mm, height – 1700 mm, wheelbase is 2800 mm.


The interior design in your U6ion: there are sports seats and the “wheel” instead of the usual “donut” screen, performing the role of “tidy”, less than the U5, and a touchscreen multimedia system, on the contrary, more. Located on the front of the “ball” to recognize voice commands (and possibly face), door handles instead of traditional belts. In addition, the baggage shelf secured a motorized scooter.

On the technique of cross-coupe that the company’s said. Rather, install it from U5: single electric motor with output of 190 HP and 315 Nm (installed on the front axle) and sandwich the battery under the floor. In China, for Aiways U5 provides a battery capacity of 53 or 65 kWh, in the latter case you can order an extra battery, 18 kWh (located in the underground of the trunk). “Range” – 403, 503 and 623 km respectively, however this figure is calculated based on obsolete cycle NEDC.

Serial kupeobrazny U6 will debut at the end of the year. The first market for it, of course, will be China. At the same time, judging by the fact that the SUV illuminated and the European website Aiways, model and plan to sell in the Old world. But U5 needs to get to Europe in the summer. Anyway, “five” wanted to bring in “old-world” market back in April, but because of the coronavirus terms moved.


Eurojersey Aiways U5 also demonstrated in Stuttgart: the engine of cross is the same as in China, the battery still claimed one of 63 kW*h, power reserve (from the cycle WLTP) – more than 400 km Dealer network in Europe, the company Aiways is not going to create. In Germany, for example, the SUV will be sold through electronics stores Euronics and service there will take the technical network ATU.

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By the way, last year the Euro NCAP tested U5, then weaknesses were identified in side protection: as a result, cross Aiways received only three stars in the final rating. The company promised to modify the model.

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