Kuwait has the world’s largest tire dump burning

Kuwait has the world’s largest tire dump burning


In Kuwait, a massive fire engulfed the world’s largest tire dump, with a total area of ​​600,000 square meters. This was reported by Vesti and the WORLD NEWS WITH CH Youtube channel, Ukrainian News reports.

The world’s largest tire dump is located near the city of Sulabiya in Kuwait. So far, the site of the fire does not take up much space, but its spread threatens the country with an environmental catastrophe. The landfill contains about 52 million used tires. Columns of black smoke rise into the air.

“The fire began on August 3, pillars of black poisonous smoke rising high into the sky can be seen from afar. So far, a relatively small part of the tire cemetery, covering an area of ​​600,000 square meters, is covered,” the message says.

The State Environmental Protection Agency of Kuwait (EPA) has been dealing with the issue of recycling old tires since November 2020, since they have been stored in this form for more than 30 years. At the same time, fires periodically start at the landfill, which the country has to quickly extinguish.

In March 2021, a fire also occurred at the landfill. Local authorities said it was arson.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in July 2021, Kuwait was covered with an abnormal heat, which brought an increase in air temperature to + 70 degrees and above. As a result, cars and traffic lights began to melt.

At the same time, forest fires began in Israel, where aviation, consisting of 12 aircraft, was involved in extinguishing.

Earlier in Turkey, forest fires spread to resort towns, as a result of which tourists had to be evacuated.

Forest fires also engulfed Croatia, where the fire spread to an area of ​​550 hectares, which has not yet been extinguished by firefighters.

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