Kyiv officials plan to purchase Toyota cars for 12 million

Kyiv officials plan to purchase Toyota cars for 12 million

Many Ukrainian officials used to live in Grand style, stressing their importance status things and expensive cars. And all anything if these purchases are not made at the expense of the local budget. For example, Kyiv officials plan to purchase several cars, spending neither more nor less than 12 million.

Of course, the vehicles will be purchased in accordance with the rules of the law. So, October 3rd will be auctioned in the tender for the purchase of new passenger cars for the Council and the KSCA, reports Auto Informant. For the purchase of 14 cars the city authorities plan to spend 12 million.


According to the tender documentation it is possible to assume that officials are planning to acquire several Toyota Camry Comfort. Color, of course, matters, and officials decided to give preference to the immortal classics – black metallic.

It is expected that the windshield “swallows” will protect from ultraviolet radiation, and on the front and side will appear water-repellent coating. In addition, the rear glass is equipped with heating timer and the wipers will be fitted with a rain sensor.

The interior is lined with cloth, and the steering wheel leather. Also, the cars will be sensors for Parking and reversing camera. Radioprogramme is touch color display. Of course, the ability to connect devices via USB. In tehuslovij stated that it will charge the iPhone.

The needs of Metropolitan officials are not limited to passenger cars. They also plan to purchase 2 SUV with an engine capacity of 3.5 liters and 8-speed transmission. Description completely coincides with the Toyota Highlander. They are gray with a matte decorative grille, roof rails. Interior and steering wheel of these cars plan to sheathe the skin and the control panel is decorated with a tree. Interestingly, the engine will not start using the key and button. With the steering wheel also can be used to control audio, telephone and heating.

It is noteworthy that all these cars will have a warranty of 3 years (or 100 thousand kilometers). At the same time service interval is only a year (or 15 thousand kilometers).

On some cars, in Your opinion, should drive our officials? Write your variant in comments!

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