Lada Granta Niva received an unusual expensive modifications

Lada Granta Niva received an unusual expensive modifications


Cheap cars Lada Granta and Lada Niva (Lada 4×4) got a new modification created for the commercial sector. Interestingly, the “cargo” never developed by AVTOVAZ.

Lux Form created on the basis of vis and vis 2346 2349 (vans modification Grants and Cornfields) a kind of campers. These vehicles can be equipped as motorhomes or used for small business.

However, it is difficult to judge how much is practical. Indeed, for motorhome, this van’s too small. However, the manufacturer somehow still offers this option, hoping for a small demand.


Vans represent mounted to the chassis compartments, made of plastic. The issue is the price, which casts doubt on the market success of these modifications. For example, in itself vis Grant (chassis and driver’s cabin) is two times more than the standard sedan that offers room for five passengers and the trunk.

This is directly the work from Lux Form will cost three times as much (in standard version without additional hardware) – about 18,000 dollars. Modified vis Niva will be more expensive. It is strange that these versions did not AVTOVAZ.

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