Lada Vesta and XRAY with a digital “device” in the style of Vaz-2101

Lada Vesta and XRAY with a digital “device” in the style of Vaz-2101


The St. Petersburg company CMGAISD, which creates accessories for cars, is preparing to launch sales of stylized virtual dashboards for the Lada Vesta and Lada XRAY models in the VAZ-2101 style, popularly known as “Kopeyka”.

The size of the display “tidy” is 308 x 130 mm, and the resolution is 1920 x 720 pixels. The gauges are almost identical to the “Kopeyka”, where the speedometer is located in the center, the fuel level indicator is located on the left, and the engine temperature sensor is on the right. All inscriptions are in our countryn. The lower part of the monitor has several icons that simulate control lamps.

Also, the “tidy” includes a tachometer, odometer, voltage in the on-board network and an indicator of the included gear. The transmission also has a thermometer for the environment, cruise control and a clock. The virtual panel is based on the RealDash platform, which was carefully previously adapted for installation on Lada Vesta cars.

Tidy starts 30 seconds after opening the central lock.

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