Lamborghini and new Nurburgring record

Lamborghini and new Nurburgring record


The newest Huracan STO supercar, which has been tested in very tough modes.

The new Lamborghini Huracan STO supercar was tested by the company’s engineering team. According to some experts, Lamborghini expects to improve on the 2016 result shown by the Huracan Performante. Or the concern intends to regain the title of the manufacturer of the fastest production car Nordschleife.

For testing the sports car, the engineers of the concern brought with them a large set of spare parts, as well as components for tuning the car. We also note that special racing fuel was brought for the car.

The Lamborgini Huracan Performante took 6 minutes 52 seconds to complete one lap. The current track record holder among production cars is the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. The German car, which is equipped with a 730-horsepower engine, managed to overcome the track in 6 minutes 43.61 seconds.

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