Lamborghini Covered in Swarovski Crystals in Tokyo!

Lamborghini Covered in Swarovski Crystals in Tokyo!


My first Supercar visit to Tokyo! The night I arrive, I meet with Shinichi Morohosi-San (@morohoshi7777) and his crazy lit up Lamborghini Aventador Anniversary covered with Swarovski crystals! 70,000 of them!We’re hitting the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo Japan.Follow me on:Music by:Sakura “Cherry Blossoms”;Traditional Music of Japan, Classical Koto Music 日本の伝統音楽Alan Walker – Fade | Free Download @

Oh welcome to Tokyo first day in Tokyo in 11 years and we have got some crazy crazy stuff why not here we are first victim of the Tokyo night no it’s follicles are these real diamonds no they look like real diamonds Wow Saurav ski Lamborghini badge I have not seen that before that’s really cool are you shocked named so what is your shop dude I customized ok cool awesome so at your store you can do Swarovski yes labels this so I’ve never seen either the Lamborghini on the front that’s pretty cool ken do you want to show me what you’ve done to the car one thing that we all know about the Japanese car culture is the lights you’re only getting a small taste of it right now we’re starting off with the Swarovski crystals but in just a second this whole beast is gonna light up like a Christmas tree mad alright so he are all along the side we’ve got Shiraz crystals and Lamborghini you’ve got to be kidding me do you think we could get away with this in Dubai I’ve got some ideas for Lucy I think this here yeah custom yes yeah my design fighting star yeah piccata oh she designed well oh my god I feel like we can’t see this in all its glory right now because we’re in the dark but if we bring it under the lights I feel like this is this a carbon this is a blue carbon fibre blue black black carbon yes okay awesome if you feel like it’s reflecting some kind of blue a here’s some more blue down here yea blue plating nikki is this a frog oh here we go oh it’s a rabbit I’m just naming animals now I got you oh well of course that’s a bigger tree what was I thinking why Pikachu it’s good luck because took them at the net the model a matinee and and you’ve got blue headlights yeah I can see dude put the instead of like oh you you’re a fan you like Pokemon no no no no because many many children yeah Yakko but the Nintendo okay happy happy nice so you like to drive the car make children happy mm-hmm I like that we she get new Lamborghini design no we show you okay is what do you think Oh in not finish yet not finished you your cranium my painting Oh Honda paint you Oh Lucy very good very good they like it yeah we’re cool cool cool okay good I mean it’s kind of almost finished okay this is where the action starts guys this is where it gets real you should have the Pokemon yeah um I really want that for Lucy I’ve always yeah it’s cool cool okay oh wow Oh we’re in Japan police no problem problem problem problem what’d you get many funds yet to get to give too many tickets Wow look at this that’s crazy oh my god I feel like I’m finally in Japan yes this is what it’s all about guys you will not see this kind of souping off I suppose you could call it anywhere else in the world it’s all about the lights here in Japan wow I’ve seen it I’ve seen it online but I seeing it in real life is something else it’s so special it’s so cool I feel like he solely funds the Sharov ski crystal business Warshofsky crystal yeah yeah can you show me any money so this one what does this one do why you guys – I guess what is this life I literally just got to Tokyo 20 minutes ago just landed got to the hotel at 10:30 at night and came straight out to meet with these guys because everyone has such a tight schedule because we’re actually here the Tokyo Auto so on so these guys have to put their cars into the auto salon as of tomorrow so we had to film all of this tonight okay off we go all right catch you later Oh and now we’re going to head to a very popular district in Japan called Shibuya and we’re just going to drive through with these lights on take this up phrasing in Japan something else there is nothing better than that sound I can imagine you get told off quite a lot driving an Aventador through Japan because it’s just so densely populated so there are people everywhere and it is not early it’s about 11 p.m. so but we’re gonna go somewhere really super popular that’s always busy here we go here we go so the engine everything is stock and standard but it keeps switching it up so different colors different routes different light but just unreal some unreal after pinch mezzo Crossing don’t touch much there thank you okay thank you very much it has been such a pleasure you’re amazing like flu and that he’s so special so they and I hope you’ve liked my first vlog in Tokyo with this incredible Beast he’s actually going to take this into the Tokyo Auto Salon tomorrow so it’s gonna be away for a few days I’m so lucky that I’ve been able to see it up close and personal I hope you’ve enjoyed please give this video a quick thumbs up for me I’ve got so much more coming that’s it from me for now from Shibuya in Tokyo love you

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