Lamborghini expects to keep the ICE after 2030

Lamborghini expects to keep the ICE after 2030


Tighter environmental standards for harmful emissions are forcing automakers to switch to hybrid and all-electric power plants. This need has not bypassed Lamborghini, which has already released its first hybrid supercar and is preparing to bring an electric car to the market by 2030. But at the same time, the Italian brand expects that it will be able to leave models with familiar internal combustion engines in the lineup.

These plans were announced to Welt am Sonntag by Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmann, pinning his hopes on the development of modern technologies and the possibility of using synthetic fuel, which Porsche is currently actively working on. “Now we are working on hybrid models, and when they enter the market, we plan to take a break and evaluate the possibility of selling cars with internal combustion engines after 2030. One of the chances for this will be the use of synthetic fuels,” the top manager said.

Winkelmann previously said that Lamborghini is preparing a new V12 engine – it will receive the successor to the Aventador supercar. The new electrified flagship of the brand will not inherit a single detail from Sian or Aventador – the powertrain, transmission, and hybrid system will change. This means that in the future the brand will have a new internal combustion engine that can also be used on synthetic gasoline.

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