Lamborghini from the Future!

Lamborghini from the Future!


This is the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. This is how Lamborghini pictures their first electric car would look like once they’re ready for that move. They have teamed up with the best brains at MIT university to develop some incredible technologies like self-healing carbon fiber. Special thanks to Lamborghini & their Head Designer Mitja Borkert for arranging this shoot. And a massive shout out to my Supercar Blondie fam – thanks for subscribing!You can catch me here:

and then he’s writing me a ticket no I’m serious what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie I am in sand a guitar here in Italy and here’s me Tia the head of design oh wait oh God surprise yeah alright some kids with this incredible car and see what they think Lamborghinis school you get to my tools Konosuke macula especially yeah oh my goodness the big unveil Wow the girls are just like over the moon more so than the boys it’s crazy [Laughter] hoo-ee Klee is excited about seeing this Lamborghini it’s not just it’s not just a boy thing the girls are just as excited which I love to see it’s another Lamborghini woman oh oh oh the kids came and they went just as quickly as they game what I’m gonna do now is take you through this incredible car this is the tears on millennia totai meaning third and Milenio meaning a period of a thousand years so the third millennium which is what we’ve started now so this car represents where they’re going with the brand this millennium okay this is a vision this car doesn’t actually drive but this is what they would picture their first ever electric vehicle to look like and what they’re doing is that they want to move away from like the traditional placement of batteries on electric vehicles you know with a lot of electric vehicles like the Tesla you’ve got the batteries that kind of line the floor like here right what they’re going to do is put batteries kind of where the naturally aspirated v12 would be in a Lamborghini today they’ll put some batteries here some batteries in the front but what’s even cooler is they’re going to generate energy from the body itself you might say okay well you can create any car and just say it can do this and say it can do that but cannot actually do it what they’ve done is they’ve teamed up with MIT the University and they’ve got the best brains from the University actually working on that technology all right a little bit about the body of this car it’s not mine it’s Lamborghini what’s documents we have documents a good why do I always get them at least yes sorry it’s their parking but we’re just doing a quick video okay I mean it’s a boy so not are you gonna run easy okay ten minutes okay okay we can only be ten minutes we can’t park it they’re gonna put a ticket on the car if I’m longer than ten minutes so we got to get going another really really cool thing is the carbon fiber will be self-healing when it detects a little scratch a little nick in the body of the car it will actually emit a little bit of this powerful blue material that will then fuse the carbon fiber back together before it turns into a bigger crack and you have to replace the whole piece so that is pretty cool electric cars one issue that people have is that they’re quiet when you think of Lamborghini you think of this roaring engine that’s one of the reasons why I love my hurricane Lucy you know I bought a Lamborghini because a few reasons but one of those reasons it’s because I love the sounds this goggle and pop and crack from the back I mean it’s exciting so when you think of a Lamborghini that’s electric what are they going to do to replace the energy and the sound that you get from a naturally aspirated v12 what are they going to do it’s Lamborghini it can’t be quiet right so what they’ve come up with is a soundtrack that’s going to be played as the air passes over the body of the car all of these lines here all of these little ridges as the air flow passes over the car kind of generates this soundtrack which is quite cool I hadn’t thought about that before we’ve got some companies employing very well-known composers to compose soundtracks for electric cars in future but I’ve never hello she likes me more than the car which is weird I think school’s out right we’re gonna do the review together we’re going to talk about this sounds too bad this happened before Oh me not so cute what’s your name Amen amen amen amen amen do I get that right him in there she’s so sweet that’s so cute I’m taking her home whoever’s kid this is I’m taking her by what a cutie oh my goodness it’s gonna have four motors so one at each wheel right and it’s gonna have in the back here super capacitors when I first heard that I was like it’s not the thing from Back to the Future the flux capacitor no no super capacitor is something that can actually generate a hundred times more power than a battery in a electric vehicle today right so they’re thinking of putting them kind of in the back there and what they wanted to achieve is an electric vehicle that could do speeds of 300 kilometers an hour for a length of time like few laps around a circuit in order to get that badge on the front of this car as an electric vehicle it needs to be worthy of that badge design I think we should just get to it right let’s bring in meetcha meetcha you’re up you’re up are you around drinking champagne ready okay where should we start right design wise I would start with the location the location it’s beautiful Sanaa guitar right so I got that balloon is it gonna volunteer sir in the Germans obviously son I got a Balinese about the italian ‘say Sant’Agata Bolognese yes no thanks I gotta okay so what do you say I gotta I gotta send dated to the end of this sometime this is going really well I feel like it’s going really well then target ah alright great we’ve got the name of the town down first of all we wanted to completely question the architecture of the super sports car especially Lamborghini the idea is that it is potentially electrical yes and it needed to be different we wanted to create a car that was in collaboration with the MIT University in Boston yeah so we wanted to have something that looks a bit younger and also in terms of design language different yes because it was also the first concept car when I joined Lamborghini that we did together you can say the first baby at the time so and that was always a dream this being potentially in electric meters right it looks as though you could still have a naturally aspirated you know v12 in the back because you’ve got all of this room at the back is that is there a reason why let’s say because we wanted to keep the gandini line okay I’m calling this single centerline the commercial Uganda me line we’ve received this line from the Countach ok Lamborghini for me in terms of DNA is always related to the strong angle of the side windows ok you can see that on the ovals you can see that on the oricon you can see that on this yawn I get this our length you know our architecture right right the thing is is that with electric vehicles you can pretty much design them however you want to now cuz you’re not building a car around a ninja I know you can place the batteries kind of where of you want to you can build a completely different looking car it’s looks like a Lamborghini like it still looks like it could have it naturally aspirated a nice car designers you know we are living the best moment because you know the technology is on the move yeah so with this kind of you know ideas we can completely rethink architecture yes electrification is really giving us opportunities because you can shift some volume yeah for example you can see that there is not a classical muffler so all the main cabin is designed like an LMP car yeah so it’s the inspiration let’s say on a monocoque where two people can sit together yeah of course quite cozy yeah we are using the space between the front wheel and the the main cabin for an air tunnel where you can use the Airstream these wings here are in our fantasy movable so when you drive fast or when you need to the aerodynamic efficiency we are closing but for example in the braking zones you could you could open you can put the wings against a stream then all this is floating you know through this wing here where we have integrated this kind of winglets and they are actually a inspirational source for our son yes understand we have moved them to the outside yeah that’s what these are for me a little bit yeah and also you’ve got the you’ve got there a tribute to the year 63 sighs well what is it all of this here because I don’t speak Italian chemical is is like the full load challah is Italian for wing oh okay Basso means like the lower position me do is like the middle position and Altos because this wing would potentially move for the downfall okay so that’s just talking about the wing very different position and you look from here and this is what my favorite perspective of the car yeah you can see that is basically empty exhaust pipe muffler and it’s really impressive what you can see it’s really like accelerating like a water drop or like a cold so you can look into the you know into the suspension and the wheels and the energy electric engines so all our half of the car is like a diffuser even more than the the 80s the more cars you know they were already having heart of the car that’s incredible how electric vehicles are just changing the look of cars completely you know you just don’t have back sending or they’re just completely open talk about the wheels look this whole wheel lights up doesn’t reject yes I mean of course this is this is show car car style so here’s plexiglass and we have these you know what you’re saying is you probably wouldn’t have plexiglass on a wheel I think I think not yeah I think we will not get this introduction ask the engineers but I guess write that off example what is interesting is I mean we have instead of the classical brakes the engine is the brake because you need to recuperate the energy right right so like for example I don’t know if you guys have driven a Tesla before but when you pull your foot off the accelerator it kind of automatically breaks because it’s reenergize in the battery the idea was that it looks like an electrical motor yeah like this this looks like the inner parts of an electrical engine so that is the idea in all that we wanted to use for the for the style we can’t ignore the the front because actually I know you love this area here is also one of my favorites the white shape this kind of salon shape yeah we want to have and this will be an element that we are continuing in the future as you have seen on this unit and this will be a signature of Lamborghini it’s super cool just imagine the car in the tunnel you see the white shapes super quick I didn’t say not behind you in the rearview mirror you’d know it a move aside immediately it’s coming for you today you know the we have this discussion Lamborghini needs to have to sound full I mean I am fully convinced we need sound because it’s a monster and it has to be I don’t know it has to have yeah and these electrical engines in my opinion they are providing a cool song you can generate what are you picturing that sound to be in your head can you vocalize that for me it’s kind of a right no I mean like in the the pot races and the in the Star Wars movie something cool so it has to be a good song allergy so just imagine this look and exactly it has I mean not artificially nice to be natural like a naturally aspirated electric car here you can say that well thank you so much media it’s been a pleasure to have come to its and since are good to start and we’ll see you next on beginning movement expect the unexpected so see you later when yourself a massive massive thank you to Lamborghini for making this happen you guys Rock I really appreciate you if you liked the video give it a quick thumbs up for me make sure to subscribe to the channel supercar blondie this is where we get to see literally the coolest craziest cars in the world all right I’m out love yet you guys gonna pay for this I don’t even know they there’s no number plate on it just as Lamborghini [Laughter]

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