Lamborghini Girls!

Lamborghini Girls!


#ZoomIntoImagination #StudioSpeed #AD #OPPOReno2Massive thanks to @oppo & @oppomobilees for bringing me to Spain for the Lamborghini Squadra Corse World Finals! They have just released the new OPPO Reno2 mobile phone, which is partly modelled off a Lamborghini (check out the selfie cam!). In this vid my mate Kristen and I get to take out both the SVJ and the Huracan Evo Spyder. Hope you like it!New Reno2 – Much love famxoAlexFollow me on:

I need some of these boots okay oh why do you want screen lighter than mine I just need her and all my picks what’s up guys that super colony I’m in Spain in headers it’s like right down the south of Spain and a massive massive thank you to all for bringing me all the way over here because it gives us the opportunity to look at some pretty cool Lamborghinis so right here we have the svj and the new hurricane Evo Spyder and we’re gonna get the opportunity to drive around both of these cars today I’m gonna let you know what I love about the svj and what I equally love about the Evo Spyder – very very very different Lamborghinis to drive and to look at as you can see look let’s bring it onto the front of the car these guys have an official partnership with Lamborghini how cool is that so a Lamborghini branded phone and all of the different Lamborghini little look at that little ports etc I love this that’s so cool so this one was actually a limited edition they’re not making this one anymore but what I’ve got with me is their newest one in my pocket no not even in my pocket in the car this is the Oppo Renault – take a look at this swipe up and then what I love is this look let me assure you this straightaway because I think this feature is pretty cool when I go onto selfie mode it goes up like this and why they have done that is because this resembles a Lamborghini door an eventual door oh my friend Kristen is here by the way hot stuff over there in the corner so we’re gonna go and take the crowd for a bit of a drive you’ve not driven either of these yeah right so I have German mmm Stover not that svj okay yeah on the track correct and I haven’t have I even driven an Aventador on the track I think I think you’ve won up to me Sarah who is a professional race car driver and instructor for Lamborghini she’s on her way right now she’s gonna be driving me around and do a quick hot lap it’s always like acceleration zero mm in two seconds with these toilets all right Sarah we got this blondie blondies in the yellow Lamborghini young undies the sexy part ready I hope you get this in slow-mo I look like Walter White no I just saw a reflection in my phone okay um cuz it’s so bumpy on the track like crazy bumpy what I’m gonna do is turn on these [ __ ] your ultra steady mode and we’re going to see just how steady it is as you go around the moon Sarah’s getting impatient okay alright Sarah I don’t really look like such a dork and you look so cool are you ready hi I’m kind of holding still yeah I’m trying to eat okay all right yes this girl knows how to drive well Oh a bomb a bomb I’m sorry Galahad my home at all I couldn’t see anything by the end of my day Harken and this one in particular is the spider it’s got no roof which is kind of cool it goes 0 to 100 in 2.9 seconds that is quick they’ve actually updated the whole front here and they’ve put in bigger air intakes I’ve actually got a sports exhaust system and it’s a bit higher up so it sounds a little bit different to the old Hurricanes it has normal doors right they just open they don’t open up like this is a door on the svj it’s more of a practical supercar if there is such a thing let’s go over to the svj it’s limited to only 900 cars in the world that first of all is a v12 so it’s got a bigger engine more powerful engine then in the hurricane this car costs about five hundred and twenty thousand US dollars that one over there the Evo costs about two hundred and sixty so this car is pretty much double the price of the Evo they have done various things to either increase downforce or reduce the drag end if you take a look under this wing look there are little little openings here and what happens is they either open or close these like little flaps depending on whether you’re going left around the corner or right or going straight so it actually is working at being able to increase the downforce or lower the drag so look at these boots okay so guys to get the best sound this is what you do popper in sport okay and you hear that opening up the exhaust immediately I’m gonna swap her over now to sport as well so we can hear kind of screams at you the aventador screams whereas like the hurricane kind of more pops and gurgles I don’t know bags ease another major difference that spot straightaway between the old hark and then I have in this one is look it actually has a touchscreen display in the middle in the old hurricane they used to just be like a little handy dial you know like in most cars like a little dial that you can just pull the volume down really quickly with this one all you need to do is put two fingers on the screen itself and pull down you see or pull up in lovely scarf reminds me I like my motorcycle like the backpressure oh you drive mode bikes you guys you can’t you think I’d wrote a letter I shake oh my god oh my god I’ve never been able to learn how to master a bike it still feels like a hurricane to drive but it feels like all of the parts have just been one of different totter yeah yeah yeah so it’s all like smooth and buttery basically and another thing that they’ve done guys this is the only Lamborghini to have predictive logic so I was like water and basically if the Lamborghini senses something on the road or something that you would likely have to brake for all they go around or whatever then we’ll start to break before you do it’s not going to like suddenly come to it like a hole yeah but you’ll never noticed something and go oh I reckon I predict that you’re going to have to break for that so they start to rain for a tonight I mean boo all right we’re stopping over guys all right so this one yeah it’s absolutely beast absolute beast it like knocked the like microphones and it is a little champion and kind of throws the order then back and you know it’s a real like it’s real intense experience this is designed for the track you guys that really worked on like you know lowering drag when needed and increasing down for us when needed so this is not meant to be driven every day this is a real track car okay okay all right you’re in the ether that’s it guys I hope you liked the video please give us a quick thumbs up and subscribe to the supercar Lundy family if you haven’t yet thank you so so much for watching and a massive thank you to offer in Lamborghini for having me here in Spain it has been an awesome couple of days if you’re more interested in what the phone can do its capabilities just hit up the link in the description below all right I’m out love you bye

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