Lamborghini has patented a new material for future supernatura

Lamborghini has patented a new material for future supernatura


Lamborghini and the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) patented a new material that allows twice to increase the capacity of electric double layer capacitors (supercapacitors) used in the hybrid power plants of the Italian supercars. The manufacturability of such devices will exceed what is currently available on the market.

Three years ago, Lamborghini joined the program the MIT-Italy and began a collaboration with the departments of chemistry and engineering. The result of one of two running research projects has been the successful synthesis of a new material based on the concept of metal-organic frame structures. Materials of this family have larger specific surface area, prone to electric charge that may potentially two times to increase the density of storage of energy in supercapacitors.


The second project is even more ambitious. It is implemented together with the Department of mechanical engineering at MIT and is aimed at the creation of fundamentally different forms of traction batteries. The result of the work of the research team will be the production of a prototype battery with a high geometric flexibility and structural strength that will allow it to be integrated into the power structure of the body, as it offered the concept Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.

The first car of Lamborghini that uses a supercapacitor, was the will Si?n. The supercapacitor operates under a voltage of 48 volts, it is three times more powerful than lithium-ion battery of similar size. At speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour super capacitor feeds the motor current with a peak value of 600 amps and is fully charged at each brake application.

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