Lamborghini has released a 4,000-strong “monster”

Lamborghini has released a 4,000-strong “monster”


Lamborghini has presented an unusual novelty – a speed boat Tecnomar 63. Created it in collaboration with The Italian Sea Group and plan to release a limited edition.

This is not the first Lamborghini boat in the 80s an Italian company, made even a racing boat with two V12. However, they were not as powerful as the 4000-strong Tecnomar 63. However, installed the Lamborghini engines, and a pair of 24-liter MAN V12-2000. Top speed – 111 km/h.


With a length of 20 m Tecnomar 63 – the big boat, a Lamborghini. Its chopped design in the spirit of the supercar Lamborghini Sian.

The familiar Lamborghini style prevails and in the cabin. Steering wheel, seat and graphics virtual tidy in the spirit of Italian supercars.

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