Lamborghini introduced the Aventador special

Lamborghini introduced the Aventador special


Now to create a unique online supercars: the company launched a virtual Studio personalization.

The modification of the open Lamborghini Aventador SVJ got a special performance called Xago Edition. The name of the special version is a hint of the passion of designers to “hexagonal”, that is, hexagons, and they are also actively involved in the design of the supercar.

For example, a hexagon is a special graphic pattern printed on the sides and wings of the Roadster in Lamborghini call it “the effect of hexagonal silver fade”. Each Roadster will have a unique color scheme of the body coupled with black inserts, and special stitching and embossed on the seats.


All Lamborghini plans to produce only 10 copies Aventador Roadster SVJ Xago Edition, and to order this version of the supercar will be possible only through virtual Studio Ad Personam. An online designer is designed to minimize the need for personal visits to the studios personalization is to consult with designers can now be remotely.

Lamborghini claim that the popularity of the signature programs of individualization in recent years has tripled, and more than half of its cars carry certain decisions Ad Personam.

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The Roadster is equipped with 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 that develops 770 horsepower and 720 Nm of torque. Thanks to all-wheel drive and seven-speed robot supercar able to gain first hundred in 2.9 seconds and its maximum speed reaches 350 km/h.

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