Lamborghini is going to take part in the race hypercar

Lamborghini is going to take part in the race hypercar

The Italian company Lamborghini is going to take part in the race hypercar. As reported by the General Director of the brand, the development of such a car may take a year or even more.


At the end of last year, the organizers of the racing championship of the FIA World Endurance Championship approved new rules for their highest class – we are talking about hipercard. Toyota has begun development of its own such models, which received the title GR Super Sport, the British Aston Martin in full swing is working on creating a racing version of its hybrid supercar Valkyrie. Other automakers, such as Ford, Ferrari and McLaren, are to submit their hypercar to participate in the new racing series.

More recently it became known that the Italian automaker Lamborghini, also has a clear interest to join “the fun” or at least to consider the possibility of participating in the race.

In an interview to a foreign publication Autocar, Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali has confirmed that the Italian automaker is exploring the possibility of racing at Le Mans for 2021. However, he noted that “work on the creation of the car can take a year or more, but it’s completely in our power.” So far, we can say with certainty only one thing – we won’t know anything about this project until the end of this year, because it was then that Lamborghini promised to show the first prototype of its new products.


It is expected that the new rules will reduce costs for teams and open the sport to a larger number of producers, and these reduced costs can arouse the interest of Lamborghini to such races. In an interview with Domenicali admitted that the company has no budget for a new project. In an interview, he hinted that odnorazovyj concept SC18 demonstrates the capabilities of the automaker in the creation and delivery of the hypercar. They have the know-how.

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Regardless of which direction Lamborghini will decide to go, even the possibility of joining the company at Le Mans is exciting. The new rules of the class “Hypercar” was developed to encourage new producers, who should be very happy to see Toyota, Aston Martin and others, such as Lamborghini, fighting one of the most prestigious races in the world of Motorsport.

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