Lamborghini is preparing a track supercar

Lamborghini is preparing a track supercar


The V12 hypercar Lamborghini Squadra Corse was taken during test runs on the track. About dvuhdverka know that it will be released in a limited edition and won’t have access to a public road. The premiere model, which is likely to take place online, scheduled for this summer.

Track hypercar from Lamborghini’s Motorsport division Squadra Corse is a thoroughly redrawn Aventador SVJ. Here is also established as “aspirated” V12 6.5, but according to rumors, the unit is seriously upgraded: firstly, it reduces weight and second, the cutoff is shifted at 9000 rpm in third, capacity increased from 770 to 830 horsepower. The motor is combined with an integrated support structure a six-speed “sequentially” XTrac and mechanical differential with possibility of preliminary adjustment.


According to Lamborghini, the upcoming new product is designed exclusively for track but not racing. With a circulation of 40 copies. Of the characteristic features of a coupe, the commercial version which can get the name SVR – roof vent, developed aerodynamic “tail” and a massive fixed rear wing made as far as possible in the undisturbed air stream. The Inscription’attenzione! Macchina Veloce door prototype from Italian translates as “Caution! Fast car”.

Division Squadra Corse is usually engaged in the construction of racing vehicles, but in 2018, put his hand to the road Lamborghini SC18. Piece of supercar made by special order, and the bodykit inspired by the track machine. So, hood with air intakes made in the style of the Huracan GT3 Evo, and the sidewalls of the body, “fin”stabilizer and wings – Huracan Super Trofeo Evo.

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