Lamborghini Murcielago | Car Review

Lamborghini Murcielago | Car Review


Jeremy gives his opinions on a Lamborghini Murcielago, the king of the hyper-cars!Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

here it is and of course it’s very dramatic it’s also very large and it tones a great many heads as you drum them along plus it makes a lot of noise but if you actually look at it it’s not that outlandish it was actually styled by a Belgian same chap who did the Audi a2 and there are no big spoilers sprouting out of it there are no rotating knives there aren’t even any machine guns the vents only open when the engine gets really hot the rest of the time they’re hidden away there’s a giant oil cooling at the chair on one side of the car but instead of fitting a fake on the other they haven’t bothered there’s no style for style sake here and look at the exhaust pipe it’s the same width as the Channel Tunnel but there’s only one not 17 like you get in most hyper cars you even get a device that raises the nose for going over speed humps this is all fine but what’s the point of a Lamborghini that doesn’t have space thruster sticking out of the side of course you still get scissor doors and when you step inside you find the steering wheel isn’t quite in front of where you’re sitting but there is room for your head and he can see out could even see the hot him then when you’re driving along normally it feels very civilized and obviously it’s not a Honda Civic you can’t turn left for example because the indicator store called pick your knee and he does 8 miles to the gallon or 4 but that said you don’t have to raise your voice to have a conversation it’s got satellite navigation and it’s got air conditioning but unlike the air conditioning systems and Lambos of old isn’t like being coughed on by a mouse this is all very worrying do you see it’s 8 years since the caption sensible zitao he took over Lamborghini and now they seem to be taking away its soul the only reason we ever liked Lamborghinis is because they were silly taking that away is like taking away the sunshine from a summer holiday you’re left with nothing except for one thing howdy have replaced the lunacy with something else they’ve increased the size of the b12 from 6.2 to 6.5 promoting delivers is simply stocker McLaren Mercedes SLR it’s already there the result is spectacular this is not a light carpet my god it’s fast properly savaging fast really so ladies fastest anything’s going down that’s too seven Mars of course I think that’s like this is sort of meaningless they’re hard to get your head round so what I’ve done is organized a demonstration what we have here is a golf GTI and what we’re going to do now is have a half mile drag race to show the difference between a fast car and a Murcielago okay now this has Formula One style launch control what you do is you hit the sport button in Vichy largo turn the traction control off i then floor the throttle when the revs hit 4,000 – claps or bang in and we’ll be off let me go now you might imagine that this sort of power doesn’t come cheap and there is some evidence to support that if you look at the options list that little bit of carbon fiber there on the center console 4000 pounds carbon brakes seven thousand seven hundred and eighty pounds if you want the brake calipers these things if you want those painting at six hundred pounds transparent engine cover you see that on the back four thousand pounds flappy paddle gearbox 6250 it being a flappy paddle head to spend that poses but amazingly the actual car only costs 190,000 pounds that’s about whole what you’d pay for a normal hyper car so it’s quite well priced it’s hugely powerful and it’s surprisingly elegant but do not for one minute be tricked into thinking that the king of a hypercars has become a supercar in the twisty stuff is you take one Liberty you know I’m fabulous you you

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