Lamborghini pokazala new hypercar, which you cannot “buy”

Lamborghini pokazala new hypercar, which you cannot “buy”


The firm has demonstrated single Lamborghini hypercar for virtual reality. Novelty called V12 Vision Gran Turismo is distinguished by innovative appearance and sophisticated exterior. According to the creators, Lamborghini for gamers drives the hybrid powerplant from the coupe Sian.

Developing a computer model, designers Lamborghini gave vent to imagination: the suspension parts are deliberately exposed, the optics made in the form of the diode filaments, the aerodynamic tail of the maximum of uncompromising and single cockpit made in the image of the cockpit of a fighter. The shape of the side glazing refers to the very interesting concept Lamborghini Marzal coupe 1968.

All controls are concentrated on the steering wheel-a joystick. Additional information is displayed on the surface in the centre of the “wheel”: the edges of the projection are the fuel levels and oil temperature, bottom visible scale of the mode of motion. Basic driving characteristics are displayed in another projection display before the eyes of the driver.


The Lamborghini company was not informed of the characteristics of the prototype on the virtual circuits, but if under the hood there is the power plant from Sian, then gamers can count on the total returns of up to 820 horsepower. Thus the V12 Vision Gran Turismo is gaining first hundred not slower than 2.8 seconds and a top speed exceeding 350 kilometres per hour.

Project Manager for creating a virtual Lamborghini Mitya Borchert said that the V12 Vision Gran Turismo – “the best car for young gamers”, and for the firm of Sant’agata Bolognese is an opportunity “to prove himself to designers and to demonstrate cutting edge technologies”.

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Lamborghini will open access to new product until the spring of next year. To try out new hypercar, you need to buy Gran Turismo Sport on the PlayStation 4.

Model Lambo V12 will significantly enrich the game?

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