Lamborghini Sesto Elemento at Imola | Series 20 | BBC

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento at Imola | Series 20 | BBC


Richard takes the beautiful Lamborghini Sesto Elemento for a spin round the Imola race track. Weighing less than a Ford Fiesta it does 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, but is it worth its two million pound price tag?Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

It's called the Sesto Elemento,
Italian for sixth element. And in the periodic table,
that sixth element is carbon, which is no coincidence, because
this thing is made from little else. The prop shaft, the suspension, even the wheel rims
are all forged from carbon. And the body is made from
a revolutionary blend of plastic and carbon, jointly developed
by Lamborghini and Boeing. Such an extreme car
deserves an extreme location, which is why we've returned
to the fearsome Imola racetrack. Right. Last time I was here,
I was in a Noble M600, which, as we know, is no slouch. Let's give it a shot. Three… Let's just do it. It's different! That's what it is! It's super fast. God, it nearly wheelies. The reason it's so fast is not only because it's powered by
a 570 horsepower V10, but also because,
despite that massive engine and a full four-wheel-drive system,
it weighs less than a Ford Fiesta. That means nought to 60 in 2.5 seconds. The same as a Veyron. Holy moly! Now, there are other supercars
that are fast because they're light. But no car is as extreme as this
in the pursuit of shedding weight. The Sesto Elemento
doesn't even have paint. Instead, its colour comes from flecks
of crystal embedded in the bodywork. And there's more. These seats, they're not actually seats.
They've just made these pads in a seat shape and stuck them
directly onto the chassis. And the dashboard, well, there isn't one. Instead you just get
all this exposed carbon plastic composite, but what I love is the way
they've done all this brutal simplicity and weight-saving in an Italian way.
It's beautiful. This central spar looks like it belongs
in a modern art gallery. Yet despite its many unique qualities, the Sesto Elemento does share one thing
with other high-end sports cars. Its ability to empty your bank account. I think Lamborghini has learned from
Porsche the art of charging more for less. So, this thing, with its missing dashboard
and seats, is, wait for it, £1.95 million. However,
there's no time to be shocked by that because right now
I'm in a £2 million hyper car and I've got Imola all to myself. That moment when it turns in,
it changes direction. It turns like a swallow. Because it's light, you can break so late
and because it's light it can turn so hard without tearing
its own tyres off. And because it's light,
when you get out of the turn.. the 570-brake horsepower V10
just catapults it. People talk about being at one
with the car. I've grown a car out of my hands and feet. Operating the steering
is just a joyous experience! It's the most alive thing
I've ever driven. It's beautiful. Absolutely dazzling. And when you've finished, you can get out and remind yourself you've been driving
something that looks like this. I've said for some time that Pagani have
been stealing Lamborghini's crown when it comes to making
the best bedroom wall poster car but I think the new boys
have just been slapped down.

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