Lamborghini Sesto Elemento | Behind the scenes

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento | Behind the scenes


Richard shows off the sinister Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. James, Jeremy and The Stig get to grips with it on the track. see all the reviews, races and challenges: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter: Latest videos:

this week I have mostly been driving this excuse the dark but it kind of suits the car because it’s sinister Lamborghini Sesto Elemento they’ve only made I think three so far they’re never going to make twenty about two million quid key things hope and it’s a girl don’t engine and drivetrain but the body chassis if you will its monocoque prop shaft the suspension pretty much everything you can see is made of carbon fiber and their new carbon plastic composite so it’s a new way of making the stuff which means it’s incredibly light power to weight ratio better than the Getty Veyron naught sixty two point four seconds and yes it’s really exciting but it does feel fresh it feels different to any other supercar so usually there is a new supercar Ferrari whoever and they’re just stuck some different leather to the dashboard or giving it a new range of adjustment on an electronic seat this is genuinely different because it’s so light feels unlike anything else it accelerates like a super bike and when you turn in because there’s no dynamic weight transfer across the accent it’s not fun to tear its own tyres off it’s it’s not actually terrifying it looks it and the price is but it suggests it’s in natural to drive it does feel like the future and it looks really really cool this is Greg bringing the car over for me he’s my Butler you’ll see when he gets out he looks like a Rotter from the 1930s just just leave it there will you mr. Vincey or Vincey as I should simply call him like a stealth bomber pure well hello again America Oh it’s a lot more flashing panties it’s like a guy out there in the air okay where’s the handbrake oh why are all these things since the abs but you can leave it this is the attraction control okay you want me to read that as well no no you can change like what okay speed limit we have a hammer to the reverse why would I need that I don’t know this is gonna sound really cocky I know but the strange thing about that is it’s extremely easy to drive I mean it’s very alarming it’s very raw there’s a terrible noise but we’ve all carbon fiber a bits of gravel hitting it which sounds like you’re destroying it but you’re not and it’s just a piece of cake it’s perfectly balanced and you think they’ll is going when I wasn’t going mental obviously cause is extremely valuable but it goes a bit skiddy but then you think I’ll just do a little bit of that I’ll up again you know it’s a bit skinny there are better brain bit again it’s for absolutely fine fantastic and it’s very it’s called the sixth element and it is very elemental because everything that’s happening in the car you sense that you can sort of you can find it in your brain you can separate the firing of the Pistons the engagement of dog clutches that put the gears together and all that so there’s all it’s all there it all comes through every surface and through your arse and it gives me the phase that’s an amazing thing that’s a way to weight you up on a Wednesday morning built in Italy are you German this must kill you no it’s lightweight that’s great I know it’s lightweight it’s not in German it’s all managed what’s that mean he loves that he sees Italian as long as it doesn’t make it’s good that’s it great I love there basically a guy so we said CLE still same horsepower garden because it’s a little fierce LaDonna Oh suppose you ever Superleggera one the five-seven is 70 a spot and then nothing but with the same idea if the drivetrain the same or is it more biased toward the rear then a guy are they more biased to the rear no no no the same thing Wow so it’s just a very light guy honorary like the Amish and what I was saying this carbon fiber suspension I know and I love the name dashboard that’s just women well I like that right good supposed to be completely lighting open now well back to work

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