Lamborghini showed the Aventador Roadster exclusive SVJ


One of the hottest supercars of the modern era becomes steeper with the new version.

Before buying a Lamborghini Aventador worth remembering, the cooling system of the V12 engine will not allow to stay long in the place. The new special edition the Aventador Roadster SVJ, which debuted this past weekend in Monterey, solves the problem of cooling with air intakes.

Roadster 63 – the latest edition SVJ Aventador before Lamborghini will replace the car with another model with a mid-engined, with a capacity of nearly 800 horsepower, and standard doors. As with the coupe, which was launched during last year’s holidays on the pebble beach edition roadsters limited to 63 copies, and, according to Lamborghini, they are all already sold.


Special edition received a matte grey body with black carbon and red-orange accents, and colored elements of the seats and the paintings on the floor SVJ glow under ultraviolet light. Vehicle Lamborghini Aventador SVJ63 includes eight unique color combinations, including the engine cover design with the logo of SVJ and SVJ splitter, side skirts, diffuser and wing in the style of Superman, which improves downforce through the Central inlet.

The maximum speed exceeds 350 km/h With the number “63” on the hood and doors or without, the Aventador remains one of the best supercars of the modern era.

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Since the launch of the model in 2011, the automaker has released thousands of the Aventador. In addition SVJ63 Lamborghini produces a 900-strong coupe and 800-horsepower roadsters. Since SVJ coupe costs from 526 854 dollars, approximately you can predict the cost of a new Roadster.

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