Lamborghini Sián: why this V12 hybrid costs more than a mansion

Lamborghini Sián: why this V12 hybrid costs more than a mansion


At £2.5m, you’d want the Lamborghini Sián to deliver more than just outright performance. Exclusivity, for a start. But also those premium, glossy details on the options list that Aventador owners can only dream of. So, does it deliver? Here’s Magazine editor Jack Rix to walk you round, over, under, and inside Lambo’s new hyper-hybrid and some of those finer details that aim to justify that price tag.And what of the performance? Well, if you didn’t catch Chris Harris in the latest episode of , head over to BBC iPlayer right now if you’re in the UK and have a watch: Series 29: Geneva Online Motor Show: First Look: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

this is the lamborghini charm the first production lamborghini with electrification there’s been concepts the terzo millennial and asterion but this is actually real you can actually buy one at least you could it’s sold out despite costing 2.5 million pounds now if you haven’t seen chris harris driving the wheels off this car on the top gear tele show and you live in the uk make sure you finish watching this video and then go to bbci player to watch that you won’t regret it what we thought we’d do today is show you around here in a bit more detail give you as much detail as we possibly can about this mad mad car from the glamorous surroundings of a freezing cold car park in milton keynes now the first thing i should mention is we’re not likely to see another one of these around here today because lamborghini is only building 63 versions of the sean coupe there’s going to be 19 shawn roadsters as well and the significance of those numbers is a tribute to ferruccio lamborghini himself the year that he founded this company 1963 you see in fact there are tributes left right and center because the full name of this car is charm fkp 37. shion means flash or lightning in bolognese dialect the fkp bit is a nod to late vw group chairman ferdinand piek and the 37 refers to 1937 the year that he was born but that’s quite enough looking backwards because this is the most forward-facing lamborghini ever it’s also the fastest because under there you’ve got a tuned version of the aventador svj’s 6.5 liter naturally aspirated v12 producing 785 horsepower on its own so that’s already 15 horsepower more than you get with an svj and then on top of that you have 34 horsepower of electrical assistance giving you a total of 819 horsepower which is quite a lot performance is predictably biblical so naught 62 in less than 2.8 seconds top speed of around 220 miles an hour which is knocking right on the door of proper hypercar performance as it should be because it’s definitely hyper car money but this isn’t just any old hybrid system in there it uses lithium-ion supercapacitors instead of a normal lithium-ion battery and supercapacitors are interesting for several reasons because for the same size and weight as a normal battery it can’t hold the same amount of energy but what it has is much better power density now that’s the speed at which it can release its energy it can also charge up massively quickly as well so basically every time you stand on the brakes it recharges the super capacitors to full so every time you want to hop back on the throttle the boost is there ready and waiting for you and because of that the whole system doesn’t have to be big and bulky this hybrid system the motor the supercapacitors weighs just 34 kilograms which means just one kilogram for every horsepower added which is excellent clearly 34 horsepower isn’t much you can’t do low speed parking maneuvers with the engine off for example which will disappoint your neighbours but what it does do is improve throttle response and torque feels during gear changes and that’s the really important point here because the aventador’s slow single clutch gearbox has always been its achilles heel if this can erase the lurching sensation then i’m all for it you’ve also got four wheel steering which makes navigating multi-story car parks that much easier and when you’re really on it the ev assistant switches off above 81 miles an hour to let the v12 do its thing let’s take a little look around the car shall we and the first thing to mention is every single panel is carbon fiber as you’d expect for two and a half million pounds the other thing is the color combination this rather fetching green and gold combo which is the same colors they used when we first saw the shine at the 2019 frankfurt motor show seems like a long time ago doesn’t it motor jose remember them happy days the headlights as well nicked from the terzo millennial concept interpreted i’m sure lamborghini would prefer to say but also this face previews the next generation of lamborghini models so watch this space the replacement for the aventador could have a face that looks a little bit like this the other inspiration behind the shawn styling is the contest so they’ve sprinkled design cues designed nods to the contest all over this car there’s loads of little easter eggs and i’ll point out the most obvious ones the first is this bonnet indent here and then above it you’ve got this v-shaped cut out in front of the windscreen wipers come down the side of the car probably the most classic contest shoe this one is this arrow-shaped intake slap bang in the side profile special mention actually for these not really a contact reference but these carbon fiber fins here i’m sure they have a very important aerodynamic function but really i think they’re just here to look cool and more goodness around the back you’ve got this full width pop-up spoiler incredibly deep as well but the main event around here is these tail lights more contact references with the shape that surrounds them but also the fact that there’s triple tail lights someone has clearly spent a lot of time on the details with these on the kuntas of course they’re squares here they’re more like squashed hexagons but the effect is stunning and there’s a very cool piece of technology i want to show you here these little four squares well they’re actually cooling flaps so lying down like this for maximum aero efficiency but when the temperature underneath around the exhaust hits a certain point there is a smart material system although lamborghini won’t tell me what the smart material is underneath there there’s no electrics there’s just metal that deforms under heat popping these flaps up and then when it cools down again they go back down very cool indeed right let’s have a look inside in here there’s quite a lot of familiar stuff from the aventador quite a lot of carryover switchgear which you’d expect but lamborghini has pulled out the stops to try and differentiate this from the cooking v12 model as you’d expect they’ve got a justified charging two and a half million quid for this car so point out some of the things the first is this air vent up here 3d printed air vents you’ll notice a little 3d emblem in the middle there apparently you can have that personalized to wherever you want your family crest a picture of your face i don’t know the second is down here the central screen it’s been flipped portrait like you get in the huracan evo and there’s some quite cool features so if you go into the menu into the vehicle settings you’ve got your lamborghini hybrid supercap where you can keep your eye on how your super cap’s doing state of recharge state of boost i imagine both of those graphs are going to be flying up and down at a rate of knots could be quite fun to watch that naught of 63 this car isn’t actually of the main 63 car production run it’s a pre-production prototype familiar bank of switches and um dials and physical knobs for your aircon etc down here one button that’s quite interesting this activates the electrochromic roof above my head so one click and it goes opaque one click and it’s see-through we’ll get a shot of that so you can have a see what i mean another toy to play with basically down here your three driving modes strada sport and corsa fairly self-explanatory and your classic fighter jet style flip up cover for the engine start button they’ve also gone to town on the materials in here trying to justify that cost so you’ve got these amazing stitching right across the dash loads of alcantara acres of this rather lovely cognac leather here carbon fiber spokes on the steering wheel and everywhere else i think they have achieved what they set out it does feel very very special in here for what is based around the car that’s quite long in the tooth now the aventador is due for replacement but it does feel suitably expensive in here but yeah there’s probably enough of me waffling on isn’t it um i’m going to set off i’m going to put it in corsa mode and i’m going to hit this button it’s my kind of hybrid

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