Lamborghini Urus pumped up to 850 horsepower without losing warranty

Lamborghini Urus pumped up to 850 horsepower without losing warranty

1016 workshop Industries of Miami presented a modified version of the Lamborghini Urus with a widebody kit and uprated engine. Engineers of the American company managed to increase engine output by 30 percent by changing the software, so that the interference will not affect the warranty.

While the mechanics 1016 Industries offers two programs the chip-tuning – the first increases the power of 4.0-liter “byturbulence” from 650 to 791 horsepower, and the second with 852 650-horsepower. Replacement of the turbocharger, intake or exhaust system is not required, and if necessary the firmware can be reset to the factory defaults.

Once finalized, the owner of Lamborghini can download a special app for smartphone that allows you to remotely turn on and off the engine, and also to track the route and time of travel of the vehicle.


Outwardly from Urus 1016 Industries stands out with an aggressive body kit made of carbon vokalna or fiberglass. The tuning kit includes rear fenders with 100 mm extension, front fender from 87-mm extension, new front splitter, carbon side skirts, a new diffuser, rear wing and roof spoiler.

Global modernization of the interior is not stated: perhaps the designers of the American company are limited to the styling of door cards and fragments of the front panel “carbon”.

About dynamic characteristic modified Urus, the cost of modernisation and the impact of the kit on the aerodynamics is not reported. However, the engineers 1016 industries have been cooperating with specialists from the aerospace industry, so all parts before installation on the vehicle shall be tested by means of computational fluid dynamics.


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