Lamborghini Urus solidifying almost double sales growth

Lamborghini Urus solidifying almost double sales growth

Lamborghini has published a sales report for the first half of 2019. It turned out that about 60 percent of the total volume of sold cars had to Urus.

From 1 January to 30 June worldwide has sold 4 553 Lamborghini. For comparison, the results for the same period 2018 – total 2 327 cars. Thus, the growth was 96 percent. This rapid increase in sales was due to the appearance in the model range of the brand’s popular crossover Urus: for the six months of the current year, this model sold in the amount of 2 693 copies, which is equal to 59% of the total number of sold cars.

In addition, the release of crossover allowed the brand to consolidate its position in the United States and to increase sales there by 128 percent, up to 1 543 pieces. Today this country is the largest market for the company. Followed by China, UK, Japan and Germany. In the first half more than doubled the demand for Lamborghini Asia-Pacific region (up to 1184 pieces), and 67 percent in Europe, middle East and Africa (until 1826 pieces).

According to the head of the brand Stefano Domenicali, “Urus”, attracted new customers, for 70 percent of the buyers of this crossover is the first model Lamborghini in the garage, and most of them already owns five or six cars from other premium brands. In the future, the automaker plans to increase the number of sales Urus to 4500 units a year.

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