Lamborghini wants to pop up with Aventador?

Lamborghini wants to pop up with Aventador?


Photospies were able to take the 770-strong extreme modification of the Aventador S sports car called Jota.

Lamborghini has started testing its secret novelty. Photo spies managed to film a car during road tests. A video with a mysterious sports car was posted on YouTube.

It is difficult to judge the appearance of the car at the moment, since the so-called “mule” was noticed on the roads – the components and assemblies of the new model are run in under the old body of the Aventador S. At the same time, a diffuser and an exhaust system from the SVJ model are installed on the sports car … The Motor1 edition suggests that we can talk about an extreme modification of the model called the Aventador S Jota.

This version will be the last in the current generation of Aventador. The modification of the sports car can get a 6.5-liter V8 gasoline engine with more than 770 horsepower.

Earlier it became known that by the end of 2024 all Lamborghini cars will receive electrified power plants as part of a plan to reduce harmful emissions. Thus, in three years, all current Lamborghini models, represented by the Huracan and Aventador supercars and the Urus crossover, will receive gasoline-electric power plants. In addition, Lamborghini is developing an all-electric supercar after 2025.

At the same time, Lamborghini is not going to abandon the development of new cars with classic V12 engines yet. In the coming year, the company will release two similar novelties, but did not provide any details.

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