Lamborghini will resurrect the original Countach

Lamborghini will resurrect the original Countach


Lamborghini has posted a short video that may shed light on yet another Countach project. The Italian brand unveiled a modern interpretation of the iconic Sian FKP 37 hybrid last month, and now appears to have resurrected the Countach LP 500, a prototype with original Bertone design that was the forerunner of the production two-door.

The teaser, of course, does not reveal the company’s intentions, but some details suggest that it is about the Countach LP 500. In general, this car has a difficult fate: after its debut in the spring of 1971 at the Geneva Motor Show, the supercar first lost its V12 5.0 engine. (the motor was replaced with a more reliable 3.9), then it was broken at the English MIRA test site during certification tests and disposed of.

Now Lamborghini hints at the return of the very first Kuntash with the words “50 years ago it paved the road to the future, now it’s back on the road” (50 years ago, he paved the way into the future, and now he is ready to return) and an armchair, whose shape is reminiscent not only of the Countach LP 500, but also of other Italian concepts from the 1970s. Only one thing is unclear: whether it will be a newly built car, such as the Bentley Corniche or BMW Garmisch, or a stylized Aventador.

Lamborghini has experience in restoring classic cars, and therefore in the production of the necessary parts. So, in 2020, the Lamborghini Polo Storico division restored the 1972 Miura SVJ, previously owned by the German race car driver Hubert Hahn. And she did it with such scrupulousness that even collectors could hardly distinguish the coupe from the original factory.

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