Lamborghini will self-destruct on the go

Lamborghini will self-destruct on the go


An unfortunate incident occurred with one of the most expensive and rare cars of our time. Lamborghini supercar caught fire on the move while driving and, unfortunately, was completely destroyed.

Writes Carscoops, the incident occurred in Prague, Czech Republic. The car drove into the tunnel, but it is already not left – supercar burst into flames and within minutes turned into a pile of metal.

And self-destruct no ordinary Lamborghini, but a tuned Aventador Carbonado from Mansory Atelier, whose circulation is only 6 pieces. This machine features a carbon fiber body kit and uprated to 1250 HP engine, with which it accelerated to a hundred in 2.6 seconds and gaining maximum speed 380 km/h.


The cause of the fire is called the Lamborghini technical defect of the vehicle (it is worth noting that random fire luxury cars is not uncommon). The estimated damage is € 200,000. Among the people, fortunately, no one was hurt

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