Lancia returns to the game

Lancia returns to the game


The first two have already received the green light from the management of the concern.

Lancia, which has not been producing anything but a small Ypsilon hatchback for the Italian domestic market for a long time, almost closed down completely, but the newly formed Stellantis alliance decided to keep it, promising funding within 10 years. Now the publication Automotive News Europe has found out the first details about the future model range of the brand.

So, in mid-2024, a compact hatchback should be released, which will replace the aforementioned Ypsilon. In addition to the petrol, it will have an all-electric modification – for the first time in the history of the brand.

In the first quarter of 2026, another electric vehicle is expected – a compact crossover. He will no longer receive an analogue with an internal combustion engine – it can be assumed that the SUV will be built on a specialized platform originally intended for battery cars. Like the hatch, the SUV is likely being developed in close collaboration with Alfa Romeo and DS Automobiles – it was announced back in February that these companies will join forces with Lancia for economy reasons.

The first two models have already received the green light from the Stellantis management, but the third is still under discussion. This is a C-segment hatchback: if experts predict sufficient demand to justify the investment, such a car will be released at the end of 2027. And, of course, all new items will be sold not only in Italy, but also in other countries.

Interestingly, the elderly Lancia Ypsilon, which was renewed again in February this year, is still selling well: in the first five months, Italians bought 22 783 units. This is more than the cumulative circulation of Giulia sedans and Alfa Romeo Stelvio crossovers that Alfa Romeo managed to sell throughout Europe during the same period.

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