Land Cruiser 300 and off-road: that’s what “Kruzak” is created for (video)

Land Cruiser 300 and off-road: that’s what “Kruzak” is created for (video)


Three videos at once that reveal the true capabilities of an SUV.

Toyota has created a dedicated YouTube channel dedicated to the Toyota Land Cruiser 300. Unfortunately, it is only available in Japanese, but there are videos that should be watched, not listened to. For example, like these.

In the video, an SUV cuts across rough terrain: it has to overcome sand, mud, puddles, and it copes successfully. The third video shows the GR Sport with Electronic Kinetic Stability System (E-KDSS).

GR Sport also received a retuned steering, an upgraded adaptive adjustable suspension with stiffer springs and locking front and rear differentials (already included in the base). All this helps the SUV to overcome deep fords, climb uphill and get out of the mud or sand captivity.

Recall that the new Land Cruiser has lost 200 kilograms compared to its predecessor, while receiving a 20 percent increase in frame rigidity and a lower center of gravity. There are several driving modes to choose from: Auto, Mud, Sand, Rocks, and Deep Snow.

Sales of Toyota Land Cruiser 300 started in Japan on August 2. Local mass media report that due to high demand, the most popular SUV modifications will have to wait 2-4 years.

We recommend viewing a detailed test drive of Toyota Land Cruiser 300 (2021) from the InfoCar team:

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