Land Cruiser 300? Budget “Kruzak” from Hengtian Automobile

Land Cruiser 300? Budget “Kruzak” from Hengtian Automobile


Chinese company If Automobile shared images and information about the new – frame full-size SUV L4600, which was nicknamed a copy of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 for a very similar design. For If this model will be the first car of this class, as previously the automaker specialized in the production of pickups.

In length SUV reaches 5239 millimeters in width 2026 mm, and a height 1932 mm. Thus, he is 289 millimeters longer than the Land Cruiser on 38 mm below and 18 mm narrower. Chinese L4600 wheelbase 2950 mm 2850 mm vs the Japanese original.

The Japanese borrowed the Chinese brand not only the design but also the design of the spaceframe chassis and body frame.


Under the hood of the L4600 is a 4.6 engine with a power of 286 horsepower of the Japanese firm Futai Power Co. A few motor is an automatic transmission. Later it is expected the emergence of more affordable versions with engine capacity of three liters.

In the Chinese market model will be offered in five – and seven-seat versions at a preliminary price of about 250 million yuan ($35 300). If L4600 production will start in mid-2020.

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