Land Cruiser 300 – expectation and reality

Land Cruiser 300 – expectation and reality


Finally, what fans of the Toyota brand were waiting for happened – the auto giant updated the legend, a new model — Toyota Land Cruiser 300 – replaced the two hundred.

According to the Japanese themselves, they tested the new model for a very long time before launching its production. It is understandable — the responsibility is very big, you can not lose face in front of the hit sales of the previous series.

Today we have a Toyota Land Cruiser 300 with a new 3.5 liter gasoline engine on a test drive.

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 – asphalt and off-road

The car is built on the new GA-F platform, which reduced the weight and center of gravity, while the body frame became stiffer by 20%. In terms of dimensions, body geometry and chassis design, changes are minimal.

In theory, all this should have had a positive effect on handling on a conventional paved road, while maintaining off-road qualities on the off-road.

In fact, the behavior of the three hundred on the public road is not much different from its predecessor: the car perfectly swallows holes and potholes, but it rolls heavily in sharp turns and is easily amenable to vertical rocking.

There are also changes in the steering – an electric one was added to the hydraulic amplifier. The steering wheel became “lighter” and a little “sharper”, but, as we wrote above, it did not improve the handling much.

Off-road, the new Land Cruiser 300 feels great, despite fears that this time the Japanese will make a SUV out of a SUV. All the strengths of the previous model have migrated to the new one. The only thing that upsets is the lack of complete sets with pneumatic or hydraulic suspension. It remains to be hoped that something will change in this regard over time…

All fans of this model were very interested in the question — how are things with the brakes? After all, the LC200 did not slow down very much, to put it mildly. Having tested the Land Cruiser 300, we can confidently say with all responsibility – nothing has changed, they are weak for such a car weight and will overheat again under intense braking. The three hundred is slowing down in the same way as its predecessor, and most likely many of the new owners will change the braking system to a more efficient one.

New engine in Land Cruiser 300 2021

Our test copy is equipped with a new 3.5-liter gasoline engine with two turbines with a capacity of 415 hp and a torque of 650 nm. The acceleration claimed by the manufacturer to 100 km/h is 6.8 s. It is very impressive, but we decided to measure the acceleration “up to a hundred” on our own and it was almost 8 s.!!! On the old LC200, this difference was even greater, progress on the face))) Let’s hope that in a couple of generations the actual overclocking will coincide with the declared one))) Otherwise, the unit is very good: it works quietly, without vibrations, there is practically no turbo. Time will tell how reliable it is.

The engine is paired with the new AISIN 10-speed automatic. It will be superfluous to say something about the reliability of this manufacturer.

Land Cruiser 300 Interior

The interior of the new Land Cruiser 300 has also undergone changes: a new instrument panel, media system, center console, front seats. Interior trim materials have become more pleasant to the touch. It’s too early to talk about the creaking of the plastic interior – time will tell whether it was possible to get rid of this problem. An active noise reduction system is used to improve noise insulation. The new ”chip” was the engine start button by fingerprint. You can also program the memory of seats, steering wheel and mirrors on the fingerprint. But the old “trick” has not gone away – the steering wheel is still located very close to the driver’s door, which creates a certain discomfort. Nothing has changed in the back row of seats — it is also uncomfortable to sit. Ventilation and heated seats were added for the rear passengers.

We also want to mention the new trunk lid — it is now solid. And this fact upset many fans of the model. After all, everyone has long been accustomed to opening the lower sash and sitting on it fishing or having a picnic…

What can be said in the end: the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 has become a worthy receiver of the legendary LC200, retaining all the strengths of its predecessor and supplementing them with modern innovations. Unfortunately, he also failed to get rid of all the shortcomings.

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