Land Cruiser 300: how much power is there?

Land Cruiser 300: how much power is there?


Bahrain-based tuner Ekanoo Racing is working on a power upgrade for the new Toyota Land Cruiser, and first he needed to understand how much the 3.5-liter V6 actually makes. For this, the car was tested on a dyno.

According to the passport, the engine output is 415 hp. and 650 Nm, but after the test it turned out that only 370 hp reaches the wheels. and 534 Nm. It turns out that transmission losses were about 10 percent, and according to the tuner this is a decent result.

However, if you add an additive to gasoline that increases the octane number, then 7 hp will be transferred to the wheels. more – 377. As for the plans of the studio itself, the team intends to bring the performance of the SUV to 500 hp.

By default, there is a center differential lock, LED headlights, a spoiler at the stern, roof rails, a button start with a fingerprint scanner, multimedia with a nine-inch screen and a rear-view camera. The most equipped Cruiser has a leather interior instead of a fabric interior, and it also has an electrically operated panoramic sunroof, a head-up display and an advanced speaker system with 14 speakers.

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