Land Cruiser to become vaccine carrier

Land Cruiser to become vaccine carrier


Toyota has shown a special version of the Land Cruiser 78, designed to transport vaccines against coronavirus. The SUV, developed with the participation of the Toyota Tsusho Corporation division and the Luxembourg company B Medical Systems, is equipped with a voluminous refrigerator that can operate autonomously for up to 16 hours.

According to Motor1, the Land Cruiser has already been pre-qualified by the World Health Organization, which helps governments differentiate quality medical products. Such qualifications are especially important for developing countries that do not have their own standards.

During the conversion, the Land Cruiser was equipped with a refrigerator developed by B Medical Systems, the capacity of which is 396 liters. This is enough to hold up to 400 doses of the vaccine. The refrigerator maintains the desired temperature for 16 hours thanks to the battery, which can be recharged both from an external power source and while the SUV is in motion.

Toyota notes that about 20 percent of all vaccines that are shipped to developing countries have to be disposed of due to improper transport temperatures. The reasons for this are the lack of a developed road network and means for cooling. The company hopes that the Land Cruiser with a refrigerator will help speed up the delivery of vaccines to hard-to-reach corners of the world.

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