Land Rover Defender – best female car

Land Rover Defender – best female car


The next generation Land Rover Defender SUV has been named the winner of the Women World Car of the Year 2021 competition.

The new generation Land Rover Defender SUV received the title of “Best Women’s Car of the Year”. The jury of the “Women World Car of the Year” competition includes 50 women from 38 countries of the world who work in the largest automotive media. The machines were evaluated according to several criteria, among which the following can be noted: aesthetic appeal, functionality, safety, as well as comfort and price.

“The Land Rover Defender is no longer just an off-road vehicle designed only for off-road travel. Now it can be driven on normal roads with the same comfort as a luxury sedan, ”said Marta Garcia, executive president of the competition.

Recall that the new Land Rover Defender SUV debuted in September 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The successor to the legendary model, which lasted about 70 years on the assembly line, was left without the classic frame structure and manual transmission. The SUV is built on the basis of a monocoque monocoque monocoque monocoque body, while the model has a fully independent suspension and permanent four-wheel drive.

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